I Joined EMILY’s List Because

We at EMILY's List are asking our fabulous feminist members why they joined and to share that with friends to encourage future members to join up!

Want to join in on the fun? Follow these easy steps:


Step 1:

Save the PDF of the sign (just click here!) OR if you are an EBF (extremely busy feminist) or simply can't think of what to write you can also download this prefilled sign (just click here!) 

Step 2:

Print the sign. Ooooh so pretty!


Step 3:

Write on the sign telling us why you joined EMILY's List.

Step 4:

Take a photo of yourself holding the sign. Maybe use a selfie stick? Take a cute mirror shot? Or just ask someone to take it for you – whatever floats your boat!

Step 5:

Post it to social media! Please use the hashtag #joinEMILYsList so we can find your wonderful messages.

Optional: Please send your photos to us on Facebook or via email to comms@emilyslist.org.au

Help us grow our organisation so that we can provide support to progressive women!

Not a member yet? Join EMILY's List today at www.emilyslist.org.au/get-involved/join/


Dont have the time for photos? Tell us why you joined below