WA State Election Candidates

Cassie Rowe - Candidate for Belmont - Swing required 1.00%

Cassie Rowe - Candidate for Belmont - Swing required 1.00%

Cassie Rowe is a Belmont local, living in the area with her young family. She founded the Belmont Community Group to champion the local area and is very proud of the work done with the group, including, fighting to stop the forced amalgamation of Belmont council, campaigning for a 24-hour police station and improving the outcomes for local residents facing unsuitable developments.

Cassie works as a financial planner for an industry super fund and has always been passionate about increasing women’s financial literacy and helping them prepare for a dignified retirement. She has also previously held the position of Assistant State Secretary of WA Labor and has been a member of the National Labor Women’s Network since 2010.

With two young daughters, Cassie is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and making sure all women have every opportunity available to them.

Cassie is mentored by the Hon Natalie Hutchins, Minister for Local Government, Aboriginal Affairs and Industrial Relations, in the current Victorian cabinet.

Josie Farrer - Candidate for Kimberley - Swing required -5.10%

Josie Farrer - Candidate for Kimberley - Swing required -5.10%

“My name is Jarlbinymiya, but to you I am Josie Farrer. I am a traditional Kija woman; that is to say my values, customs and practices are based on the same values and traditions my ancestors have passed down through thousands of generations to me”.

Born at Moola Bulla Station, Halls Creek Western Australia 24 Sept 1946. "In 1953, I started school in a little rough schoolhouse—a bough house—with a spinifex roof…… We got up in the morning and were made to wash using a homemade cake of soap that consisted of ingredients such as caustic soda, boric acid and beef fat. I remember that if the soap was left on your skin for too long it would start to burn—perhaps it was an attempt to wash the black off us! Our hair was cut short and rinsed in kerosene, and we were dressed in Dingo brand flour sacks and sent to school”.

Josie resides in Halls Creek with her husband Mario Jazyk where they raised their 13 children. Elected to State Parliament in March 2013, Josie is the first local female Kimberley Aboriginal MP to represent the region. Her first speech was exceptionally powerful as she spoke about the high rates of Aboriginal suicide, economic development, job creation for young people and the racism she has had to endure as an Aboriginal woman.

During this term in Parliament Josie successfully introduced a bill to recognise Aboriginal people in the Western Australian Constitution as well as worked on alternative juvenile justice strategies to ensure that a sentence as a juvenile isn’t a life sentence. Josie continues to be a strong advocate in the fight to tackle WA’s high rates of suicide, particularly amongst Aboriginal people.

Josie has actively lobbied for Aboriginal rights for many decades and has sat on numerous boards including as: Director of the Kimberley Land Council, Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre; Deputy Chair of the Kimberley Development Commission; Chairperson of the Regional Road Group; Halls Creek Shire Councillor and was the Halls Creek Shire President for 7 years.

Jessica Stojkovski - Candidate for Kingsley - Swing required 14.00%

Jessica Stojkovski - Candidate for Kingsley - Swing required 14.00%

Jessica grew up in the Northern suburbs and is now raising her two children with her husband Sijlan in Woodvale.

Jess has always been held various roles in community groups; including President of the Landsdale Residents Association, Chair of the Perth Rose of Tralee and her member of daughter’s school P&F.

After returning to university as a mature age student, Jess completing her Bachelor of Planning (Policy & Governance) and started working as a town planner. As a working mother, Jess understands that we need to properly fund early childhood education centres and schools in our suburbs so every child has the same opportunities.

As the daughter of Tony O’Gorman the former member for Joondalup, Jess knows that one dedicated member of parliament can have a huge impact on a community and she will be a strong representative for Kingsley and will always put her community first.

Sabine Winton - Candidate for Wanneroo - Swing required 11.00%

Sabine Winton - Candidate for Wanneroo - Swing required 11.00%

Sabine Winton is a Wanneroo local. It is where she grew up, went to school and has raised three daughters with her husband Paul. Sabine has been active in the Wanneroo community for a number of years. Her contributions have been significant, from coaching junior sport to providing leadership and advocacy in various roles such as Vice President of the Joondalup Sports Club. She was the founder of the Lake Nowergup/Carabooda Valley Community Group which successfully campaigned to preserve the area from development. Sabine was elected by her community to serve as a Councillor with the City of Wanneroo and is a delegate on a number of committees including the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group and the Environmental Advisory Committee.

She has been a primary school teacher with the Department of Education for 27 years, having graduated from Murdoch University in 1986. She is a Level 3 Classroom Teacher, having been recognized for her exceptional teaching practices. She is currently a PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) Coordinator with the North Metropolitan Education Region where she provides a leadership and support role to schools and teachers in delivering programs for gifted and talented students. She has been a member of the State School Teachers Union her entire career and has recently enjoyed the opportunity to work as an organiser with her Union. She as taught in a variety to metropolitan country and remote settings including Fitzroy Crossing and Cocos Keeling Islands.

As a mother of three daughters she is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and is determined to be a role model for her daughters and students alike. Sabine believes that education is the primary means by which individuals can improve their social and economic well being. She is excited to be part of the WA McGowan Labor team who is committed to delivering on a range of policies and commitments that focuses on the core values of fairness, compassion and opportunity.

Sally Talbot - Candidate for South West Region

Sally Talbot - Candidate for South West Region

Dr Talbot entered Parliament in 2005 when she was elected to the Legislative Council as a Labor MP representing the South West Region which covers the eight lower house districts from Mandurah to Albany.

To date, her parliamentary service has included membership of several standing and select committees and she has served as both a Parliamentary Secretary and a Shadow Minister for various portfolios.

Immediately before becoming a Member of Parliament, Dr Talbot held the position of Assistant State Secretary of the WA Branch of the Australian Labor Party. She was also on the staff of the Hon Kim Beazley when he was Federal Leader of the ALP.

Dr Talbot's earlier life included some years teaching philosophy, primarily at Murdoch University, and she is the author of a well-regarded book on ethics and epistemology.

After having left school at the age of 16, Dr Talbot studied the cello at the Royal College of Music in London, subsequently spending 15 years working as a classical musician in both Europe and Australia.

She describes her passions currently as progressive politics, riding her motor cycle and persuading young people that democracy is worth fighting for.

Jessica Shaw - Candidate for Swan Hills - Swing required 3.70%

Jessica Shaw - Candidate for Swan Hills - Swing required 3.70%

Jessica has lived in Swan Hills for a decade – she loves the unique, local community and can't wait to roll her sleeves up and effectively represent the interests of the electorate.

Over the last ten years, Jessica has enjoyed a successful career in the Resources and Energy sector, holding a range of senior commercial positions. Prior to moving to Western Australia, Jessica worked for the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, was the Political and Economic Attache to the British High Commission, and an Academic Assistant at the Australian National University.

Coming from a family of ‘tradies’ and growing up in the outer-western suburbs of Sydney, Jessica was the first person in her family to finish high school. She went on to acquire a Master of Laws from the University of Cambridge, a BA(Hons) from the Australian National University and a BA/LLB(Hons) from the University of Wollongong.

Jessica has a lifelong, deep commitment to Labor values. She believes that it’s vital to protect access to quality public education and health, foster tolerance and equal opportunity, support and empower local communities and promote sustainable, environmentally responsible economic development. She is proud to be part of Mark McGowan's team.

Jessica is looking forward to outlining WA Labor's plans for Western Australia and for the people of Swan Hills.

Helen Creed is Jessica’s mentor in the lead up to the 2017 election.

Amber-Jade Sanderson - Candidate for Morley - Swing required 4.7%

Amber-Jade Sanderson - Candidate for Morley - Swing required 4.7%

Amber-Jade Sanderson is a long time EMILY’s List member and Labor Movement Activist who is running for the marginal WA State Seat of Morley.

Amber-Jade has been a Member for the East Metropolitan Region in the Western Australian Legislative Council since the 2013 State Election. Previous to her election, Amber-Jade worked for United Voice WA, fighting for the rights of low paid workers, mostly women in the disability sector, public schools and hospitals and in aged care.

Over the last three years, Amber-Jade has been a fearless advocate for the rights of women in Western Australia. She has fought the Liberal Government on their decision to privatise the Midland Hospital to St John of God Healthcare which has resulted in no family planning and limited maternal screening services being available at this public hospital. Amber-Jade used the birth of her second child to highlight the continued barrier for women entering and serving in the Parliament. The WA Parliament has some of the most anachronistic and practices when it comes to supporting Parliamentarians with young children.

Amber-Jade Sanderson has decided to quit the Legislative Council and run for the seat of Morley because she knows Western Australia can’t afford another Liberal Government. In Morley, there have been cuts to schools and health, no plan for jobs and no action on public transport or vital infrastructure. Amber-Jade wants to fix that and make sure the community where she is raising her family has someone with the right priorities.

Simone McGurk - Candidate for Fremantle - Swing required -15.40%

Simone McGurk - Candidate for Fremantle - Swing required -15.40%

Simone is passionate about all things Fremantle, with a particular focus on the economic revitalisation of our city, better transport options and quality education being at the centre of our community.

Simone has lived in the Fremantle community for over 18 years. Her partner Mark works in South Fremantle. Most weekends you will find them down at South Beach walking their dog, or trying to get rid of that couch grass on the front verge. Simone was a member of a squad down at Freo Pool (and will someday get back into it) and has taken up yoga.

Simone was raised by her mother, who worked while supporting her five children. Her father had multiple sclerosis and was in a wheelchair for 35 years. A long-standing activist in the disabilities movement, his experience has led Simone to support the fight to ensure Australia adopts a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

As a student, Simone lived in Fremantle, working in local jobs, but as a young adult she moved to Melbourne where she got a History degree from the University of Melbourne.Simone has worked in the union movement for over 22 years. She was one of the first women elected to be an Organiser for the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, before being elected the Assistant State Secretary in 1997.

After returning to university to study Media at Murdoch University, Simone worked for a short period in Native Title, and as a Producer with the ABC. Given her strong sense of social justice, Simone returned to the union movement working with United Voice.

In January 2007, Simone was elected the Assistant Secretary of UnionsWA, where she coordinated the Your Rights at Work Campaign. Following this successful campaign, she was elected Secretary of Unions WA in 2009 until she was elected to state parliament in 2013.

She has been a long time member of the Labor Party, serving as both President and Secretary of her local branch.

Lisa O'Malley - Candidate for Bicton - Swing required 10.00%

Lisa O'Malley - Candidate for Bicton - Swing required 10.00%

Lisa was born and raised in a small country town located in the Strzelecki Ranges of South Gippsland, Victoria.

Lisa followed her heart to Western Australia in 1993 where she arrived with her then boyfriend to live in the suburb of Melville. It is twenty-three years since they began their lives together in WA, a time in which they married, started a business, bought and then subsequently sold and built a home, had two beautiful children and created their own country style life of community connection in Palmyra where they continue to live and raise their children.

Lisa worked full time in the Health and Fitness Industry as a personal trainer and group fitness leader, then as the Centre Manager at two successive gymnasiums from 1993 until 2000. She has worked in both the public and private sector and in the time since leaving full time employment in the Fitness Industry, has gained additional knowledge and proven ability in sales and marketing, event management and small business ownership.

Lisa has volunteered in her community in Palmyra including two previous terms as President of Palmyra Primary School P&C, Co-convenor of Palmyra Together Community Newsletter, Member Co-ordinating Group for Melville Community Association and State Councillor for Fremantle Central with WACSSO (Western Australian Council of State Schools Organisation).

Lisa formed the Save Our Schools campaign group with other local parents following the State Liberal Government’s harsh cuts to public education in 2013. She has also been an active campaigner against the Perth Freight Link – an economically and environmentally destructive project which puts the health and safety of her community, and the homes of her neighbours in peril.

Di Guise, former Member for Wanneroo is Lisa’s mentor for this election.

Emily Hamilton - Candidate for Joondalup - Swing required 10.40%

Emily Hamilton - Candidate for Joondalup - Swing required 10.40%

Raising a young family in the electorate of Joondalup, Emily Hamilton understands what is important to local residents.

Emily Hamilton has lived in the northern suburbs her entire life. Emily went to high school in the northern suburbs and completed a Bachelor of Politics and Law.

As a working mum with two young children Emily is an active member of her community. Her work for community representatives, including Member for Joondalup Tony O’Gorman and Upper House MP Ken Travers MLC in Joondalup for the past ten years demonstrates her commitment to improving our community.

Emily is committed to ensuring job opportunities here in Joondalup, accessible healthcare close to home, and the best schools for their kids.

Emily is being mentored in the lead up to the campaign by Liz Prime.

Lara Dalton - Candidate for Geraldton - Swing required 22.80%

Lara Dalton - Candidate for Geraldton - Swing required 22.80%

Lara has spent the majority of her life in Geraldton, establishing strong family and community connections.

She worked in hospitably and education, working at Central West College of TAFE, before opening her own cafe Salt Dish in 2009 with her husband.

Five years on the couple sold the business, and Lara returned to her role at the newly named Durack Institute of Technology.

This is the first time Lara has run for public office, after being inspired to run at an ALP function when talking to former MP, Alanah MacTiernan.

Lara is being mentored by Candy Broad, former MP and Minister in the Victorian State Government, in the lead up to the 2017 election.

Janine Freeman - Candidate for Mirrabooka - Swing required -4.60%

Janine Freeman - Candidate for Mirrabooka - Swing required -4.60%

Janine Freeman was elected to Parliament at the September 2008 State Election as the local member for Nollamara, representing Alexander Heights, Nollamara, Mirrabooka, Koondoola, Westminster and parts of Dianella. Following the redrawing of boundaries, the seat of Mirrabooka was created, which includes Balga, Westminster, Alexander Heights, Mirrabooka, Koondoola and parts of Ballajura.

Janine's working history is in representing the interests of working people. Having worked for the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (now United Voice), as a board member of HESTA superannuation fund and on the WA Workcover board, Janine has gained a good understanding of the issues that affect the residents of the Mirrabooka electorate.

As a community minded volunteer, Janine has worked for a number of community groups including the management committee of community legal centres.

Since being elected Janine has attended many community events and worked with residents in the electorate on their concerns.

Sue Ellery - Candidate for South Metropolitan Region

Sue Ellery - Candidate for South Metropolitan Region

Sue is currently Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council in the Parliament of WA and is the Shadow Minister for Education. She is the first woman to lead the Opposition in the Legislative Council.

Born 54 years ago and raised primarily in Perth, Sue has been a member of the WA Parliament since 2001 representing the South Metro region in the Legislative Council (that’s the state version of the Senate, for anyone not addicted to understanding the structures of political representation in Australia).

Prior to Parliament Sue was in advocacy in the community sector and for 12 years as an advocate for low paid workers in the union movement.

Sue was a Minister in the last Labor government holding the portfolios of Child Protection, Communities, Seniors and Volunteering and Women.

Lisa Baker - Candidate for Maylands - Swing required -2.70%

Lisa Baker - Candidate for Maylands - Swing required -2.70%

Lisa Baker was elected to the WA Parliament in 2008 and again in 2012 representing the people in the electorate of Maylands. She is Labor’s candidate for the 2017 election.

Lisa is Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Communities and Women, and Chairs the WA Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People. She has been Acting Speaker for the Legislative Assembly for eight years.

Lisa continues to represent WA women as the elected delegate to Australia’s Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians committee. She chaired this Australian Committee for three years.

Lisa’s career before becoming the Member for Maylands includes employment as an International Expert on Gender and Development for several UN agencies. She is an expert in policy and programme development and has worked in many countries of Asia and the Pacific. Lisa recognises that poverty and inequality remain entrenched in many countries and she is committed to addressing these injustices.

Alanna Clohesy - Candidate for East Metropolitan Region

Alanna Clohesy - Candidate for East Metropolitan Region

Alanna has dedicated her life to advancing issues of social justice and encourage people whose voices are often unheard to get involved and have their say in the decisions that affect them.

Prior to entering Parliament, Alanna worked in the community sector for over 25 years. She has held senior positions in People with Disability Australia and Headway and was President of the Youth Affairs Council. She has also served on the board of the Women’s Health Care Association.

Alanna has been a long term member of the Australian Labor Party and served as President of WA Labor from 2010 to 2014.

Alanna Clohesy was elected Member for East Metropolitan Region in March 2013. She is currently the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Disability Services, Mental Health and Child Protection.

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