2019 Federal election all candidates

EMILY's List Australia endorsed candidates for the 2019 federal election:





Jana Stewart is the Labor candidate for Kooyong in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. A proud Mutthi Mutthi and Wamba Wamba woman, Jana has close familial ties to the Traditional Owners of the Kooyong area. She lives locally with her husband Marcus and her two year old son Jude.

As the first person in her family to go to university, Jana is passionate about the power of education. Having successfully graduated from La Trobe University with a Clinical Masters in Family Therapy. Jana will always fight to ensure that all children have access to the best quality education, no matter where you live.

Jana comes from a line of strong women - going back 60,000 years – with a proud tradition of standing up and campaigning for the rights of others. Following in their footsteps, Jana has spent the past 13 years strongly advocating for children, families and vulnerable groups, including as a family therapist, a university lecturer and a policy expert on Aboriginal affairs and child protection in the Andrews Victorian Government.

Jana is being mentored by Linda Burney, federal MP for Barton in NSW.

"I will fight for a respectful, diverse community and stand up for all Australians to reach their potential on a fair and equal playing field."






Shireen Morris is the Labor candidate for Deakin at the next federal election. Shireen grew up and spent most of her life in North Ringwood, lives in Nunawading, and has a long connection with the local area. Shireen was born in Australia, and is of Indian and Fijian-Indian heritage. Shireen’s parents migrated to Australia, and both her mum and dad worked for many years as GPs in Park Orchards.

Shireen has an eclectic career history. In her twenties, she worked as an actress and singer. She worked at the old BI-LO in Ringwood and temped as an administrative assistant to make ends meet. Shireen later studied law, and eventually earned a PhD in constitutional law. Shireen has spent the last 8 years fighting for Indigenous constitutional recognition, working with Indigenous leader, Noel Pearson. She is now a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne University Law School. Shireen is also a regular commentator in print, TV and radio and has published three books. Her latest book, Radical Heart: Three Stories Make Us One (MUP) tells her personal story, and was published in July.

Shireen is being mentored by Tanja Kovac, National Co-Convenor of EMILY's List Australia. 

"I am passionate about gender equality and want to see more women of diverse backgrounds in leadership positions - not just in politics but across society."






Peta Murphy is the next federal election Labor candidate for Dunkley. Peta is standing to fight for the right of everyone to get a good education, find decent and secure work, and access quality health care. A commitment to social justice and strong community has defined Peta's legal career, her service on the Board of Peninsula Health and her involvement with local sporting clubs and charities. Peta knows the damage that cuts to public services and a lack of job opportunities cause individuals and communities. Peta knows that Dunkley deserves better.

"I'm committed to equality, social justice, and fairness. I have always fought for these enduring values, within the Labor movement and as a barrister. That's why I am standing to represent our community in the Federal parliament." 






Jennifer Yang is the Labor candidate for Chisholm in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Jennifer lives in Blackburn South with her husband and their two children. As a professional with a technology, science and business background, she advocates for a sustainable environment and for Australia to move towards an economy that encourages innovation and job creation. Her experience as a councillor and mayor has given Jennifer a deep understanding of working within the community to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Jennifer is passionate about ensuring everyone gets a fair go. She believes our community and our country deserve better than what we are getting from the Morrison Liberal Government. That is why Jennifer will stand up for local families on issues that matter – better education, better health services, better wages, better NBN and better government.

Jennifer is being mentored by Judith Graley, former MP for Narre Warren South in Victoria.

"I work in the broader community to address the issue of subconscious bias, to encourage language diversity, and to make all members of the community comfortable in their own skins."





Kate Thwaites is the Labor candidate for Jagajaga in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Kate has long standing connections to Jagajaga. She grew up in Rosanna, went to Banyule Primary School, and got her first job at Yallambie McDonalds. Kate is a mum to a baby girl who will also be growing up Jagajaga.

Kate is a former ABC TV and Radio News reporter, and has held senior roles at Oxfam and now in the public service. She worked for Jenny Macklin to help deliver important Labor reforms, including the National Disability Insurance Sscheme and Paid Parental Leave. Throughout her career, Kate has worked to deliver reform that makes our community fairer and supports vulnerable people.

Kate is being mentored by Anne McEwen, former federal Senator for SA. 

"No one should feel bullied at work, and half our population should not think the Parliament is not the place for them. I hope I can help build a better culture in Canberra if elected."





Stella Yee is the Labor candidate for Menzies in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Stella was born in Malaysia where upon completing secondary school was selected as one of the few to receive state assistance for studies in the USA. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and was offered a scholarship to undertake a Master’s degree in Public Policy Analysis. After living and working in several countries, Stella and her family decided to migrate to Australia. They moved to Melbourne in 2001 and have lived in Doncaster for the past 14 years. Stella is actively involved in her local community and volunteers with the Vinnies Soup Van, visits elderly Italians through Co.As.It., and runs an innovative after-school Mandarin extension program at a local primary school. She is the Chair of the Bilingual Education Foundation Australia, a not-for-profit organisation she founded with the support of Lions Club, to promote the learning of languages in schools. From her own experience, Stella knows that education transforms lives, and will work to ensure that all children have access to a world-class education. Having lived in the U.S., Stella understands and appreciates the critical role that Medicare plays in maintaining our collective well-being and will work to ensure that Medicare provides everyone with access to the quality health care they need, when they need it. 

Stella is being mentored by Kim Clarke Travers, EMILY's List Membership Officer.

"None of us gets to choose the circumstances to which we are born.  Some of us have it good, others less so.  I strongly believe that governments have a key role to play to ensure every woman, man and child gets the opportunity to better themselves and to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives."




Lisa Chesters is the Labor candidate for Bendigo in the 2019 federal election. Lisa is the first woman to be elected as the Federal Member for Bendigo which is an electorate that has existed since Federation.

Following the 2016 election, Lisa was appointed Shadow Assistant Minister for Workplace Relations and Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional and Rural Australia. 

As a member of the IWDA’s  Myanmar Women Parliamentarians Mentoring Program, Lisa supports female MPs in Myanmar to become more effective in their parliamentary work and advocate for gender equality in politics and legislation.

“The gender pay gap is one of the most persistent forms of inequality in the Australian economy.  Traditionally female dominated industries such a health care and education is undervalued.  Closing the pay gap is not just about equal pay – it’s about equal worthy and equal dignity.”


 Lisa Chesters MP




Joanne Ryan is the Labor candidate for Lalor in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. It is no surprise that with 27 years in state education, Joanne entered parliament with a passion for education policy. As a former teacher and principal in Melbourne’s western suburbs, Joanne knows the difference quality education can make in the lives of young people. Since entering the parliament in 2013, Joanne has served as Opposition Whip, Chair of the Social Policy Caucus Committee, Deputy Chair of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party Caucus, member of the ALP Education, Science, Research and the Arts Caucus Committee and member of the Joint Standing Committee for Public Works. Joanne followed Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, as the Member for Lalor and is determined to continue the example of her predecessor to support and encourage more women to be leaders in the Labor movement and join the parliamentary ranks at a state and federal level.

"Equality for women from all backgrounds and postcodes starts with guaranteed access to quality education. An education that empowers and emboldens them to not only pursue their personal goals but more importantly, to act in collective ways to deliver gender equality. An education puts women on the road and informed collective action gets us to the destination."






Jessica O’Donnell is the Labor candidate for Monash in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. She has lived in the Gippsland region her entire life. Born at the Moe hospital when it was still operating, and now resides with her husband and children in Drouin. Jessica is a proud and busy Mum, a Hairdresser by trade, a Local Government Councillor at the Baw Baw Shire Council and is currently finishing a degree in Arts/Law at Deakin University.

As a strong community advocate, Jessica has been fighting at a local level for young people to have the opportunity for their voices to be heard. Jessica advocates for young people for fairer pay and penalty rates, a fair and funded TAFE system and a university system without excessive fees. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to purchase their own home. At every opportunity, Jessica pursues avenues to advocate for inclusion for all, gender equality, and the prevention of violence against woman. Jessica’s community volunteer capacity extends to many local committees and community theatre companies across Monash. Jessica is extraordinarily proud to be a Gippslander and loves being a part of the community in Monash.

Jessica is being mentored by Janice Munt, former Victorian MP.

"The passion I have for fighting for equality, and women's rights are so deeply embedded within me, which makes me extremely grateful for every opportunity and platform I get to use to help create change. Whether I am on the steps, in the room, or in the House, I will fight for fair for the women in our country and abroad, as we all deserve equality in life, in pay, and in choice."





Antoinette Holm is the Labor candidate for Gippsland in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Antoinette is a writer and teacher who lives in the Latrobe Valley. She has worked in the education sector for much of her working life in schools, TAFE, and university. She describes herself as a part of the gig economy, and knows first-hand the impacts of insecure access to paid work. A published author, Antoinette has worked extensively with writers in the creative sector, and is particularly proud of her work mentoring writers with a disability. Her most recent work of fiction features the historic landscape of Gippsland in the Gold Rush era. She is standing for the seat of Gippsland because she believes that this election is crucial for the future of this region and for the nation. Antoinette is passionate about education, health services, aged care, the environment, and a fair living wage. Gippsland is a region with tremendous natural and cultural resources, and Antoinette is very proud to call Gippsland home. She is keen to meet as many constituents as possible to listen and advocate on the issues that are close to the hearts of Gippslanders.

Antoinette is being mentored by Liz Pommer, VELAG Convenor.

"For me, this federal election is simple. It is about hope. It is about respect. It is about facing up to the very real challenges that lie ahead. We seek not to merely face them but to deal with them. It is about making a future that is civil, respectful and compassionate. It is about the wisdom to take the hard decisions, and the strength to be compassionate and ethical in our actions."




Ged Kearney is the Labor candidate for Cooper in the 2019 federal election. Ged was born and raised in Melbourne and lived in the electorate of Batman for 20 years. She was the youngest of 9 children and currently has four children of her own. She started her working life as a nurse and rose to become Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation. From 2010, Ged served as the elected president of the ACTU – the peak body of Australia’s union movement – where she has been fighting for better conditions for Australian workers. Ged fought John Howard’s Workchoices to protect rights at work and is a passionate advocate for social justice and gender equality in the workplace. Ged’s working life has been about action, integrity and achieving real change. She was elected as the Member for Batman in the 2016 by-election, and the seat has been renamed to Cooper for the 2019 federal election.

"Access to reproductive health is central to women’s social and economic equality. The rising of the women is the rising of us all. Rise up sisters, when we rise up together we can win."






Libby Coker is Labor's candidate for Corangamite. Libby’s values of hard work and community commitment were instilled at an early age by her mother, a nurse in a public hospital, and her father, a public servant and small businessman. Libby’s parents taught her the significance of serving the community. Seeing her mother at work showed Libby the value in caring for others. A former teacher and journalist, Libby holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of New England), a Diploma of Education (Monash) and Bachelor of Letters (Deakin). For more than a decade, Libby has represented her local community as a Surf Coast Shire Councillor, serving twice as Mayor.

Libby’s passion for education stems from her experience as a public school teacher. She believes a high standard of education from kindergarten through to university and TAFE is the catalyst for a bright future. Having lived on the Surf Coast for almost 30 years, Libby is well aware of the worsening effects of climate change, and the consequences of the Liberal government's contempt and inaction. Libby supports further investment in clean energy, and a bold renewable energy target. Libby values our business community, and recognises the hard work of small businesses owners and employers in Corangamite. A small business owner herself, Libby has worked with community, business and government organisations across the region.

Libby lives in the coastal township of Aireys Inlet with her husband Hugh and their two daughters.

Libby is being mentored by Tanja Kovac, National Co-Convenor of EMILY's List Australia.

"As a mother of two young daughters, I believe there is more to be done to support women and girls. I want my children to grow up in a community where all people are valued, respected and given equal opportunity. If elected, I will work with Labor to close the gender pay gap."






Karen Douglas is a Labor candidate for the Senate in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Karen is a long term community, trade union and LGBTI activist with a passion for social justice and fairness. Karen has had an eclectic working life across Australia but her greatest privilege has been the opportunity to work with the union movement representing workers whose efforts deliver key services to the Victorian community. Having the opportunity to represent workers from diverse backgrounds to improve their working lives, particularly those whose work has been undervalued, underpaid and insecure is a great honour. As current President of the Victorian Labor LGBTI Affairs Policy Committee Karen is proud to work alongside many people whose dignity and generosity define them and whose activism, advocacy and commitment to human rights continue to improve the lives of others. Karen has a Masters degree in Labour Policies and Globalisation and is completing her PhD examining the important role of disability support workers in our community. Karen is passionate about delivering a fair go for all under a Shorten Labor government.

"Our communities are best served when our representatives reflect our diversity. When we come together in collectives, be it our unions, the Labor Party or Emily's List and pursue equality, everyone benefits."

 Karen Douglas Labor Senate Candidate for Victoria



Catherine King is the Labor candidate for Ballarat in the 2019 federal election. Catherine is the first woman to be elected to represent the people of Ballarat and has held the seat since 2001. She has a degree in social work from RMIT and a Masters in Public Policy from the Australian National University. Catherine worked in Ballarat after she completed her university studies in 1987. A strong sense of public service led her to work in Canberra with the then Department of Health and Aged Care as an assistant director and later director. Catherine also worked in the private sector as a consultant with KPMG before entering Parliament.

Catherine's passion for making life better for young people and their families motivated her to become involved in politics. Catherine is a passionate and tireless advocate for her community and lives in central Ballarat with her husband and their son. She loves to spend any spare time with the family, is a supporter of Richmond in the AFL and, as a former competitor, takes an interest in rowing – a strong sport in Ballarat.

"My strong belief is that everyone should have an equal chance in life, no matter their gender, where they come from or how much money their parents have."





Fiona McLeod is the Labor candidate for Higgins in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Fiona is a barrister, human rights advocate and a leader of the national legal profession having led the Law Council of Australia, Australian Bar Association, Victorian Bar and Australian Women Lawyers. For nearly thirty years Fiona has developed and overseen major structural changes to support the advancement of women in the legal profession. She has been a champion for diversity and inclusion and has received numerous awards, including for her contribution to the advancement of women and human rights issues, in particular, human trafficking and slavery. In 2016-2018 she devised and, with a Steering Committee, led the Justice Project, a landmark research project undertaken by the Law Council into access to justice impacts on vulnerable groups in Australia. She was until recently the Chair of Transparency International Australia, the Accountability Round Table and Co-Chair of the Open Government Partnership Forum. She was appointed to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in 2014 and is an Ambassador for the Honour Roll. She was an inaugural recipient of the Commonwealth Anti-Slavery Award. Whether it’s supporting renewable energy to mitigate climate change, or tackling the causes of inequality, Fiona knows Australia needs leadership that will ensure our quality of life is preserved for future generations.

"I have been a champion for equality, diversity and inclusion for nearly thirty years as a barrister and as the leader of the national profession. I will be a strong voice for the human rights of our most vulnerable."






Jess Walsh is a Labor candidate for the Senate in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Jess has spent her working life as a researcher, campaigner and union leader. She has been proud to represent diverse people including cleaners, early childhood educators and hospitality workers with United Voice, one of Australia’s largest unions. Jess is passionate about helping people who perform undervalued and underpaid work in our country to build a strong voice at work, in the community and in politics. Her campaigns have helped diverse communities win respect and recognition in some of Australia’s lowest-paid sectors. Recently, she launched Hospo Voice, Australia’s first digital union for young hospitality workers. 

Jess decided to work in the Australian union movement after living, studying and working in the US in the 1990s. There, she saw a rise in poverty-wage jobs, where people struggle to make ends meet despite often working full-time. She was inspired though, by the determination of low-paid, migrant and women workers to stand up for a better life through their unions. After completing postings in US urban and economic policy centres, Jess returned to Australia, later becoming United Voice’s Victorian Secretary. Jess holds a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.

"I’ve been inspired by so many women standing up, speaking out and demanding Equal Pay, right now! Early childhood education is one sector that needs equality. It’s undervalued because it’s seen as ‘women work’. I’ve met so many talented educators who love their jobs and adore the children they educate and care for, but on half the average wage, love doesn’t pay the rent. In 2019 women need to be respected as equals. And that means in every aspect of our lives - not least of all in our pay packets."






Louise Crawford is a Labor candidate for the Senate in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Louise is a professional actor and presenter with extensive screen credits. Currently the Deputy Mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Louise is already working hard for her community. As a passionate climate change and environmental activist, Louise has been on the national and state executive of LEAN (Labor Environment Action Network) for four years. She has helped campaign and deliver strong environmental policy, the most recent being the reform of the federal environment laws. Louise has worked in the hospitality sector for most of her adult life and strongly believes in the importance of penalty rates and secure employment.

Louise Crawford is being mentored by Maree Overall, EMILY's List Australia CEO. 

 Louise Crawford - Climate Activist



New South Wales:



Linda Burney is the Labor candidate for Barton in NSW for the 2019 federal election. Linda was elected as the federal member for Barton in 2016, following a 13 year career in the NSW Parliament as Member for Canterbury. During her state political career she served as minister in a number of senior portfolios including as Minister for Community Services and later as Deputy Leader of the Opposition. Following her election to the Federal House of Representatives she was immediately appointed as Shadow Minister for Human Services. Recently, she was appointed Shadow Minister for Preventing Family Violence. 

As a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation, Linda was the first Aboriginal person to be elected to the NSW Parliament and the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the Australian House of Representatives. Linda’s commitment to Indigenous issues spans more than 30 years. She began her career as a teacher in Western Sydney and then as an education bureaucrat before being appointed Director General of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in 2000. Charles Sturt University awarded her, its first Aboriginal graduate, an Honorary Doctorate in Education in 2002.

Linda has a long held commitment to the prevention of domestic and family violence, and has detailed publicly her personal experience with it. Linda has held senior positions in the non-government sector serving on a number of boards including the SBS, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, and the NSW Board of Studies.

"While domestic and family violence affects all walks of life, we know that women are disproportionately affected. Everyone in the community has a role to play in the prevention of family violence and violence against women – this is everyone’s business."






Sharon Claydon is the Labor candidate for Newcastle in NSW for the 2019 federal election. She was first elected as the federal Member for Newcastle in September 2013, becoming just the sixth member for Newcastle since Federation in 1901. Sharon is the Chair of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Caucus, Labor’s Status of Women Caucus Committee and the Medicare Taskforce. As part of Sharon’s role with the Status of Women Committee she undertook a series of national conversations with Australian women about the issues most important to them, helping shape Labor’s national strategy for gender equality. 

Sharon is Deputy Chair of the House of Representatives Social Policy and Legal Affairs Standing Committee and serves on the House Indigenous Affairs Committee and the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. She is also Deputy Chair of the Joint Select Committee on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse - Oversight of redress related recommendations, and serves as a member of the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Reference Group.In March 2015, she became a Member of the Speaker’s Panel, deputising for the Speaker in the House of Representatives.

“Our Parliaments should reflect our community - we know targets work, but we have to remain be vigilant. That’s why Labor will put gender at the heart of government decision-making.  We’ve set out our priorities, we are committing to targets for change and we’ve outlined a framework for government leadership. Now it’s time to do it!"






Anne Charlton is the Labor candidate for Robertson in New South Wales for the 2019 federal election. Anne has spent her working life dedicated to community service – in drug and alcohol services, in an aboriginal medical service in regional Queensland, in the Federal Department of Health and on the Central Coast, working for Central Coast Family Support and currently in the Youth Program for Coast Shelter. Anne has fostered strong local community connections as an advocate for vulnerable families and individuals on the Central Coast.

Anne currently sits on the Board of Kamira Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Service which is dedicated to passionately inspiring women to make positive changes in their lives. She knows the struggles people face when left without strong community services. Anne will stand up for families and deliver for the Central Coast.

Anne is being mentored by Trish Doyle, MP for the Blue Mountains in NSW. 

"Celebrating and promoting women in our community is essential to ensure gender equality throughout all facets of life and to ending the scourge of domestic violence."





Fiona Phillips is the Labor candidate for Gilmore in the 2019 federal election. Fiona is a local mum of four, a former TAFE Teacher and has been married to her husband, a tradie, for 21 years. She has a degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Business, and has worked in a range of jobs including retail, defence & teaching. Fiona was born in Nowra and raised on a dairy farm at Terara, and has lived in the area for most of her life - with family dairy farming origins dating back to 1856 at Broughton Vale and Jaspers Brush. She now lives at Callala where she's raising her teenage children with her husband.

Fiona's first involvement in politics was during 2009, when she stepped up to lead the difficult but successful six year community campaign to save Nowra's community pool. By October 2015, the new Nowra Aquatic Park was opened for the first time, rebuilt as part of a revitalised riverfront for our community. This campaign showed her how important it is to work hard to make a difference in your community, and it's something she wants to continue to do. With her kids growing up, and like every other local young person, they need education and work opportunities that just aren't there. When Fiona taught, she saw so many young talented people end up moving away or getting stuck in a cycle of unemployment. This is why Fiona is running for parliament, her local community has been forgotten for too long and she wants to make it a better place to live.

"Women suffer the most from penalty rate cuts. Why should women on low wages take a pay cut so big business can have a tax cut?"





Julie Owens is the Labor candidate for Parramatta in NSW for the 2019 federal election. A longtime member of Emily’s list, Julie has represented the marginal Federal seat of Parramatta since 2004.  Before her election she was CEO of Australian Independent Records after working as a small business owner. She is currently the Shadow Assistant Minister for Small Business and Citizenship and Multicultural Australia. Since 2004, Julie has helped deliver significant reforms for her electorate including increased university enrolments; new facilities for local schools and higher education, and better government services and facilities. But, Julie wants to do a lot more for the people of Parramatta. Donate here to help her to be re-elected.

"Gender equity strengthens our society and having equal representation in Parliament moves solidly towards this goal. Campaigns are particularly tough and having the support and resources early in a campaign gives confidence to soldier on. It is true - women who support other women win."





Sharon Bird is the Labor candidate for Cunningham in NSW for the 2019 federal election. Sharon was born in Wollongong, New South Wales. She served as a Councillor on Shellharbour Council from 1991 to 1995 and prior to entering politics was a high school and TAFE teacher. Sharon was elected in October 2004, November 2007, August 2010, September 2013 and July 2016. She was Shadow Minister for Vocational Education on the 18 October 2013 until July 2016. Sharon served as Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Regional Communications and Minister for Road Safety from 1 July 2013. She also served as Minister for Higher Education and Skills from 25 March 2013 and as Parliamentary Secretary for Higher Education and Skills from 5 March 2012 until her appointment as Minister. 

“Emily’s List has always been a strong advocate for promoting women and the importance of education and equity. Education, from an early age, empowers women to achieve their goals and take an active and leading role in our modern economy.”





Susan Templeman is the Labor candidate for Macquarie in NSW for the 2019 federal election. She is the federal Member for Macquarie, which encompasses the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury on Sydney’s fringe. She has long been an advocate for women’s sexual health and reproductive rights, as a Board member of NSW Family planning through the early 2000s. A former radio journalist and foreign correspondent in New York and London, Susan ran a media and presentation training company with clients spread across the country for more than 20 years, before becoming the Federal Member in 2016. As Federal Member, she has continued to speak out loudly for women’s rights and on issues including improved access to mental health services, education funding, affordable quality childcare and equal pay.

“We have more to do so women can make choices about their sexuality, their bodies and their lives without judgement, and progressive women in Parliament can help us get there.”






Tanya Plibersek is the Labor candidate for Sydney in NSW for the 2019 federal election. Tanya grew up in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, the daughter of migrants from Slovenia. Like many newly arrived migrants, Tanya’s parents helped build the country in which they made their new home. Her father worked on the Snowy River hydroelectric scheme in the 1950s. Tanya studied Communications at UTS in Sydney. After graduating she worked in the Domestic Violence Unit of the NSW Government while she studied for a Master of Politics and Public Policy at Macquarie University.

Elected as the MP for Sydney in 1998, Tanya has tirelessly worked together with people in her local community to push for positive change. During the years of the Howard Government Tanya constantly campaigned for a return to social justice in government on issues such as paid parental leave, fairer rights at work and rights for same-sex couples. In 2003, when President George Bush visited Australia, Tanya presented national security adviser Condoleezza Rice with a letter explaining why Labor parliamentarians opposed Australia invading Iraq without United Nations approval.

Following the election of the Labor Government in 2007, Tanya has held the portfolios of Housing, the Status of Women, Human Services and Social Inclusion. Tanya was appointed Minister for Health in late 2011. She is the current Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education and Training and Shadow Minister for Women. Tanya lives in Sydney with her husband Michael and young children Anna, Joseph and Louis. She is fond of bushwalking and Jane Austen.

"Reproductive freedom is intimately tied to gender equality. For Labor to be pro-women, we must be pro-choice."






Simonne Pengelly is a Labor candidate for the Senate in NSW for the 2019 federal election. Simonne is a long-term member of the Australian Labor Party, a parent to two young kids, and lifelong resident of Newcastle, in the Hunter Region of NSW. Born in Newcastle, she attended local public schools, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Creative Industries from the University of Newcastle. She later earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). She is also a proud graduate of TAFE. The unique experience of growing up in regional New South Wales has shaped Simonne’s life and gave her a deep understanding of the importance of proper infrastructure and equity of access across the state. Simonne knows firsthand the importance of giving women and their children a chance though a decent social security safety net and access to affordable health and education. Simonne has decades of experience working for regional communities and understands the critical issues that affect our regions. As a part of the regional Labor team, she has championed the unique qualities of regional New South Wales and helped deliver the vital projects to support regional economic prosperity and diversity, working closely with the political and industrial arms of the labour movement to deliver the best outcomes for workers and the environment. Simonne is committed to working with stakeholders in the labour movement and more broadly to ensure a just transition for our workers and an appropriate response to the threat of climate change.

"Choice lies at the heart of the empowerment of women. I am committed to protecting a women's right to choose--to choose how we live, how we work, how and when we have children, how and when we enter and leave relationships. The more choices we as women have the more we are all empowered to make a stronger and more stable society."





Jo Briskey is the next federal election Labor candidate for Bonner. She is a qualified psychologist, community advocate, public commentator and working mum to two little girls, Gweny and Margot. For the last five years Jo has headed up Australia's peak advocacy organisation for parents, The Parenthood.  An organisation with over 64,000 parents from across Australia, The Parenthood provides a platform for parents to have a say on the issues that matter to them and their families. Jo has lead the parent campaign for more affordable early learning and care, against federal government cuts to paid parental leave and cuts to the government support thousands of families, in particular single parent families depend on. Jo has focused her working life on empowering others to get involved in the political process to achieve positive change for themselves and their communities with keen focus on addressing gender and social inequality. Having been the national voice for parents, including for those across the electorate of Bonner, it has become clear to Jo, as it has to so many, that the Turnbull Government is completely out-of-step with what is happening locally and the issues that matter. Jo is concerned that Turnbull is taking our country down a path that will further cement economic and social inequality and Jo wants to help put a stop to that.

"I'm standing to help shift the direction of our nation's economy and our future. I'm working to deliver a brighter and fairer future for my girls and their generation."






Ali France is the next federal election Labor candidate for Dickson. She is a disability advocate, a former journalist and a mum of two boys. Ali has lived on Brisbane’s northside for over a decade and has been working for a palliative care charity. Ali lost her leg in a car accident in 2011, but she went on to represent Australia in the sport of outrigger canoeing and win gold for our country. She is also the Convenor of Labor Enabled in Queensland and has campaigned strongly for the recognition of issues experienced by disabled women within the wider women’s rights movement. Ali knows people in the electorate of Dickson are struggling with out of pocket health costs. She has spent many years in and out of hospital and in doctor’s surgeries. Ali knows cuts to our public hospitals and health services will impact on patient care - so instead of giving billions of dollars in tax handouts for banks, she wants to see investment in our hospitals, schools and TAFE. She has the strength and determination to stand up and fight for the people of Dickson. 

Ali is being mentored by Claire Moore, federal Senator for QLD. 

"We need more people in parliament with experiences like mine and the people of Dickson deserve a local member who will listen, who understands where they are coming from, and who will put them first."






Belinda Hassan is the Labor candidate for Dawson at the next federal election. Born and raised in Mackay, Belinda has spent a good part of the last 20 years devoted to serving her local community. Through her work as a manager of a small business, or as a support worker for the Samaritan House Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter in Mackay, Belinda has demonstrated a passion for helping the most vulnerable people in our region. She is proud to have also volunteered with a number of local community groups, like the Mackay Sexual Assault Service or Mackay Region Suicide Prevention Network to name just a few. She's also the President of the Sarina Lions Club, member of the Road Accident Action Group, and Past President of the Rotary Club of Mackay Sunrise. As a single Mum, Belinda raised her kids in Mackay and sent them to great local schools so she has experienced first hand the role that education can play in lifting a person, and a family, out of hardship. This is why she is also passionate about making sure that public health services are properly funded for the families that rely on them.

"Here in our community, when people need help and times are tough, we look out for one another. This embedded in me a really strong sense of community, and it’s one of the best things about living here. What the people of Dawson know is that even when we’re facing the tough times, we stick together."


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling






Elida Faith is the Labor candidate for Leichhardt in Queensland for the 2019 federal election. Elida has spent the last 12 years of her professional career working in roles focused on helping the most vulnerable, and has always fought for a better deal for workers and their families. Her dedication to community shines through her volunteer work, including with a local animal action group. 

Elida understands that our region needs a strong voice for our community, who fights for secure jobs and the best education and health services for our region. She won’t stand by while Scott Morrison and Warren Entsch cut jobs from our local university and funding from our schools, hospitals and Indigenous housing. Elida knows we have a high youth unemployment rate and that only a Labor government will invest in apprenticeships and training. 

While Scott Morrison and Warren Entsch have prioritised tax cuts for the top end of town, Elida has hit the ground running and is fighting for more road funding like extending the Bruce Highway in Cairns to improve access to the airport and take trucks off suburban streets.She understands that workers need their penalty rates, which have been cut by the Morrison Government. Creating good, secure local jobs in our region is Elida’s top priority.

"Women’s shelters are essential services for women and children suffering domestic violence in our community. They are there to help our most vulnerable escape violent situations and get back on their feet but they battle for funding. It's crucial that we supplement funding to our local shelters.






Luz Stanton is the Labor candidate for Fadden in Queensland for the 2019 federal election. She is a qualified lecturer, tutor and mentor for young professional creatives in the Performing Arts. Luz is a working single mother of two daughters, Georgia and Mikaeli, who have emerged as strong, independent and progressive women in their chosen fields despite challenges such as Multiple Sclerosis and disabling mental health issues. With a background in the performing arts, Luz is a platinum member of MEAA Equity and has advocated for improving actor’s health and wellbeing, working conditions and wages in the industry. For many years, she has been supporting other women to become involved in the political decision-making processes that effect their lives. After years of campaigning for other Labor candidates, Luz ran as a candidate herself in 2017 for the Gold Coast seat of Theodore. She believes her significant swing demonstrated the need in the rapidly growing area for greater funding support for local schools and hospitals and increasing training and job opportunities. 

Luz is being mentored by Jo Justo, senior union official.

“I’m standing to represent the needs of women on the Northern Gold Coast and their families and provide support for equal opportunities that will enable them to live the life they choose.”



Cathy O'Toole is the Labor candidate for Herbert in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Cathy was born, raised and educated in Townsville with her parents and four siblings in a working class environment. Cathy and her husband married in Townsville where they raised and educated their three children. She has lived in Townsville all of her life apart from three and half years; it is her home.

Cathy started her working life as an apprentice hairdresser and at the age of eighteen became a small business owner in partnership with her mother. Cathy and her husband have owned and operated a range of small businesses in the retail, hairdressing and vocational education and training industries for many years. She also worked in the TAFE sector in a teaching and project management role as well as the community sector as a CEO for thirteen years.

Cathy's passion and commitment to lifelong learning encouraged her to continue studying and she has achieved a range of tertiary education qualifications. She is currently the CEO of a medium sized not for profit mental health organisation that operates in North and West Queensland, including Palm Island.

“Women represent 50% of the population and we are a very diverse group.  Families do well when women are educated and employed, as a community we must strive to be inclusive and to value diversity.”






Terri Butler is the Labor candidate for Griffith in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Terri has served in the parliament as the Member for Griffith since 2014, when she was elected in a by-election after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd left parliament. Terri is the Shadow Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs, the Shadow Minister for Employment Services, Workforce Participation and Future of Work, and the Member for Griffith. 

As an MP, Terri co-founded the Parliamentary Friends of Innovation and Enterprise, co-chaired parliamentary friends groups for Tourism, the AFLW, and Meals on Wheels. She has previously served as a Shadow Parliamentary Secretary and Shadow Assistant Minister in the fields of domestic violence, universities, and equality. In the latter capacity she worked closely with the LGBTIQ+ community in relation to attaining marriage equality. Terri has also served on parliamentary committees for employment, education and training, corporations and financial services, social policy, and parliamentary procedure. In 2014, as a new backbencher, she led Labor’s cost of living committee.

"Australians can’t afford another three years of an out of touch Coalition government. I want to see a team with a diverse range of experiences and identities lead Australia."






Linda Little is the Labor candidate for Maranoa in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Linda lives in Blackbutt on her farm with her husband and two foster children. Linda's working life has been varied and interesting. She has worked in retail as a sales assistant and as a manager, worked and lived on a sheep station, farmed small crops, run a hotel, and worked extensively in hospitality as a bar attendant. We as a family lived at worked at Bajool Hotel for a number of years.  

She is a community champion, serving as the Zone Chairman of her local Lions Club, Secretary of the Nanango Stags Rugby League Club while also coordinating annual Christmas festivities for local families. If elected Linda's goal is to advocate for all the constituents of Maranoa and she plans to consult with community organisations and local councils to help improve the lives of all who live within the electorate.

Linda's work on the land and within the local community means she understands the value of hard work and understands the challenges facing her region. She knows firsthand the struggles local schools face caused by the LNP cuts and as a personal carer knows the impact of cuts to health services in our area. Linda is 100 per cent committed to properly funding local schools, our healthcare services, and delivering job security for our region. Linda Little has the community experience and compassion needed to finally get a fair go from Canberra.

Linda is being mentored by Liddy Clark, former QLD MP.

"Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people (e.g. of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders) feel valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve their organisation. I strongly believe in the right of every woman to enjoy equal rights and privileges, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. This is because equality is a fundamental human right that should be enjoyed by all."






Nita Green is a Labor candidate for the Senate (QLD) in the 2019 federal election. Nita was raised in a single parent family by her Mum, who has been a nurse for 40 years. She understood at an early age the difference that access to public education could make to her life and future. Her first job after school was a traineeship, so she knows the role that a strong skills sector plays in giving working class kids a start in the workplace. She worked in the retail and hospitality industry while studying and went on to complete a Bachelor of Creative of Arts and a Juris Doctor in Law. Nita’s working life has been focused on fighting for fairness and equality. She was admitted as a solicitor in Queensland in 2015 and worked as an Employment Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, representing workers in sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal cases. In 2017, Nita was the Queensland Field Director for the Equality Campaign. A former chief-of-staff to Senator Murray Watt, Nita currently works for the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union fighting for the rights of workers across Queensland. Nita relocated to Cairns with her wife at the end of last year. If she is elected, she will base her office in Far North Queensland.  

Nita is being mentored by Michelle O'Byrne, MP for Bass and deputy leader of the Labor party in Tasmania.

"I've always believed that if you have more women in Parliament, you get better policies for women. We proved that in Queensland last year with the decriminalisation of abortion. Now it's time to have more women in Federal Parliament to deliver better policies for women across the country"






Susan Lamb is the Labor candidate for Longman in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Susan has lived in Longman for more than 26 years. She has raised her family of four sons here and been involved in local primary schools, high schools, community and sporting clubs. Before entering parliament Susan worked in a national role advocating for professional recognition for early childhood educators with United Voice Union.

Susan and her family have a history of work in the hospitality, manufacturing and building industries. She knows and understands how important a safe, secure and well paid job is for every family. Her family’s involvement in small business also means Susan understands the importance of giving small businesses the opportunity to build and grow, so that they can deliver high quality local jobs and opportunities for our community. Susan spent 10 years as a teacher aide and knows the importance of high quality education and the foundation it lays for the future of our children. As a mother of two university students, one VET student and one secondary school student Susan knows the challenges students face today.

“Having worked in female-dominated industries like Early Childhood Education and as a Teacher Aide, I got into Parliament to stand up for Australia’s women – women who deserve equal choices, equal pay, and equal opportunities. I won’t stop fighting for equality.”




Corinne Mulholland is the Labor candidate for Petrie in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Corinne is a long-term resident of the Petrie electorate. Buying her first house in Redcliffe when she was 21, Corinne has continued to live and work locally in the Moreton Bay region ever since. Having seen the region grow and thrive, she understands the pressures placed on local infrastructure and frontline services. Corinne will always stand up against the LNP’s cuts to local schools and hospitals. Corinne has significant experience working across Government and policy making. She currently works in a senior local government role, where she has built a strong reputation by working with local community, sporting and business groups to deliver for her community. Corinne will use this experience to fight for the roads, infrastructure and services we need in our growing community. Corinne knows that Petrie needs an MP who has the energy and vision to help build a stronger future. That’s why Corinne will fight to reverse unfair cuts to penalty rates and the LNP’s cuts to Redcliffe Hospital.

Corrine is being mentored by Bonny Barry, former QLD MP. 

"I was raised by an amazing single Mum who taught me what strong women can accomplish and what they need from the government to do that work. The core values of EMILY’s list are the values my Mum taught me and if elected at this upcoming federal election I will be a warrior for the changes we need to achieve those goals. I am running in a tough marginal seat in Petrie, Queensland against an LNP MP who has strong conservative views and is personally against reproductive choice, marriage equality and shows no commitment to pay equity, job security and making childcare affordable. It's time to send him on his way and replace him with an EMILY’s woman! I will be that proud EMILY’s MP with your help."




Western Australia: 



Dr Anne Aly is the Labor candidate for Cowan in the next federal election. Anne has been the Federal Member for Cowan since 2016. By her late twenties, she was a single mother of two young boys earning the minimum wage to put food on the table. Anne went on to study her Masters and PhD and worked as a professor, academic and practitioner in counter terrorism and countering violent extremism. The founder of People against Violent Extremism, she was the only Australian representative to speak at President Obama's 2015 White House summit on countering violent extremism. Inducted into the Western Australian Women's Hall of Fame in 2011, Anne was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2016 and received the prestigious Australian Security Medal.

“When women are in Parliament, Parliament works for women. But in order to create real change for all women we must do more to support women of colour, LGBTI women and women with disabilities to take on leadership roles in our movement and in a future Labor Government. Our policies, programs and events need to take in to account these crucial intersections to build a movement that truly recognises unity, stands for diversity, and leaves no woman behind.”






Kim Travers is the federal Labor candidate for Pearce. Over her 28 year long career as a police officer she has been a tireless advocate addressing mental health and domestic violence. Raised by her grandparents in the country town of Merredin she was taught early on that there was value in living a life that involved hard work and community. Kim is a highly decorated member of the police force, with awards including the UN Medal and National Police Overseas Service Medal and the Australian Police Medal in recognition of her dedication and service, and specifically her work on mental health response. Kim’s core belief is that the government has a responsibility to all citizens and not just the privileged. Everyone has a right to education, health care, employment and a roof over their head. This is why she has chosen to run as a Labor candidate in the seat of Pearce. After almost thirty years on the frontline assisting those in crisis she believes the way to fix the core issues causing disadvantage in our society is for her to stand up for her community and help elect a Shorten Labor Government. 

Kim is being mentored by Kay Hallahan, former MP and former deputy leader of Labor in WA.

"I'm running as a candidate because I believe government has a responsibility to all citizens and not just the privileged, everyone has a right to education, health care, employment and a roof over their head. Everyone has a right to strive for a world which is free from domestic violence and substance abuse, everyone has a right to live their lives in a meaningful and purposeful way regardless of age. My life has been immersed in picking up the pieces of other people’s shattered lives and I believes it is my responsibility to do all I can to influence our future and improve our community for the future generations."




Mellisa Teede is the Labor candidate for Canning in the next federal election. Mellisa has deep connections to the Canning region, starting her career as a teacher at Armadale Primary School, where she was known as Ms Angwin, before moving to teach in Williams. Passionate about training and young people, Mellisa then became the Managing Director of the regional TAFE College in the Goldfields-Esperance region. Mellisa moved back to Canning in 2012 to serve as the CEO of the Peel Development Commission and Chair of the Peel Workforce Development Alliance. During that time, Mellisa was proud to deliver key projects in the Peel region, including securing funding for major infrastructure including the Mandurah traffic bridge and the Nambeelup industrial park, which will drive more than 33,000 jobs over the next 20 years.

Mellisa has a real passion for education and training, and knows it’s an essential pathway for jobs. As a single parent for many years, she also knows the importance of supporting families and providing real opportunities for our kids.

Mellisa is being mentored by Meredith Newman.

"The women of Labor are now leaning in, and we are going to be there, we are going to keep you accountable in these electorates. Watch this space."




Hannah Beazley is the Labor candidate for Swan at the next federal election. She was born and raised in the community, and has spent over half her life living and working there. Hannah is the proud mum of two boys, one of whom has extra needs. She knows first-hand the challenges families face in accessing the services they need and deserve.In her early 20’s, Hannah was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and given five years to live. After living in pain for many years, Hannah participated in a medical trial for a new drug that saved her life. Hannah owes her life to the public health system, and will always fight to ensure that all Australians have access to quality healthcare.

Over the last 20 years, Hannah has worked across various industries. Hannah built and managed her own successful retail business, and created local jobs. For the better part of the last decade, Hannah has held senior management roles in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. She has also been a policy advisor within government and speechwriter to two Labor Premiers – Dr Geoff Gallop and Mark McGowan. Hannah continues volunteering in her community. She serves on the governing committee of her youngest son’s community childcare centre, and is Belmont Business Enterprise Centre’s board.

"I am proud to belong to a political party that actively values, supports and promotes women. I'm working hard to be the active member that our community of Swan deserves and join current and hopefully new women MPs in Canberra to fight for WA. These women are all people of merit - as are the seven women on my Campaign team."







Marion Boswell is the Labor candidate for Tangney in Western Australia for the 2019 federal election. Marion was born in the picturesque West Coast of Scotland. Her family was very poor, but Marion grew up with a determination to work hard and always do her best. Marion has worked in high schools and TAFE teaching English and Business subjects, and has successfully managed and owned small businesses in Scotland. She is extremely proud of having had the opportunity to work in all of these roles, and has fond memories of the position she held, where she literally took education to the people of an industry starved area in Scotland. With dedication, determination and drive, and in a time period of nine months, Marion worked to create an oasis of education in a new centre within an old building (which local people frequented) with a variety of subjects being taught.

Marion had the qualifications for these roles, the result of studies in Strathclyde University in Scotland and Curtin University. Marion's husband is a Mechanical Engineering lecturer, and she has three children who have all attended schools in Tangney and studied in TAFE and University in Tangney. Marion became very involved in Little Athletics while her children all competed as Little Athletes, her youngest son attending from under 7s until under 17s. Marion quickly became a busy Club and Centre committee member, as well as Centre President for three years.

"I have faced mending the lost self-esteem of a hard-working people whose livelihoods had been removed from them by a Government which had no vision, and even less concern for its actions or people. The Labor Party has clear goals for all of its people and strives for a fair go for all, which is why I am such a staunch Labor lady."




Madeleine King is the Labor candidate for Brand in WA for the 2019 federal election. Kwinana-born, Madeleine was elected to Federal Parliament in 2016 and promoted to the front bench of the Shorten Opposition on 28 June 2018. She is the Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs; Shadow Minister Assisting for Small Business and Shadow Minister Assisting for Resources. Madeleine has strong personal links with her House of Representatives seat of Brand, which includes the towns of Rockingham and Kwinana, having grown up in the area and attended local public schools.

Madeleine worked as a solicitor in private practice, before moving into the higher education sector as a lawyer and then as Chief of Staff at The University of Western Australia. Before entering the Parliament, she was the founding executive and Chief Operating Officer of the Perth USAsia Centre from 2012-16. In her leadership of the Perth USAsia Centre, Madeleine helped to bring a unique Western Australian perspective to the international discussion on Australia’s role in the emerging Indo-Pacific region.

 “I believe in an Australia that is a confident; progressive and enterprising nation, valuing its high performers whilst recognising that those less fortunate and vulnerable are equally valued and deserving of help provided with respect and dignity.”






Louise Pratt is a Labor candidate for the Senate in WA for the 2019 federal election. Louise was born in Kalgoorlie, and grew up in the outer hills suburbs of Perth. Louise entered the Federal Parliament with a strong background in community activism and a history of parliamentary service at the State level. In 2001, she was the youngest woman ever elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council.  As an MLC, she served as the Chair of the Council's Environment and Public Affairs Committee and as the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians’ Australia regional representative. As a member of both the Gallop and Carpenter Labor Governments, Louise chaired a Greenhouse Stakeholder Group and a review of Adoption Legislation for the State Government, was the secretary of the Western Australian State Labor Caucus, and a key member of the State Government’s Ministerial Taskforce on lesbian and gay law reform.

Louise represented Western Australia in the Senate between July 2008 until June 2014. She was again preselected on the ALP ticket for the Senate in the 2016 election, and was re-elected. Louise is currently the Shadow Assistant Minister for Universities and Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality. Louise's key policy interests include combating climate change and economic inequality, increasing women's workforce participation, improving maternity services and early childhood education, ending all discrimination against LGBTI Australians, population and development issues and closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Louise is proud of Labor's record in government and has advocated and supported a range of Labor's reforms in the Senate, including improvements to maternity services, fair work legislation, same-sex law reform, action on climate change, regulating political donations, reforming the AusAID family planning guidelines, paid parental leave, health system reform, enhancing migrant workers' rights, the stimulus package, the rights of refugees and better consumer protection laws.

"When women empower women, we succeed. When women elect women, we have better representation. We need to keep electing strong women to our parliament."





South Australia:



Nadia Clancy is the Labor candidate for Boothby in South Australia for the 2019 federal election. Nadia was locally born and raised. Born at Flinders Hospital in 1986, she grew up in Somerton Park with her parents and three siblings. She attended Paringa Park Primary School and Brighton Secondary School. Nadia has always believed in working hard - while at school she worked casual jobs including Lush in Marion Shopping Centre, and a deli in Glenelg North. She supported herself during university, working as a carer at the Marion Leisure and Fitness Centre crèche and also in the hospitality industry.

In 2009, Nadia moved to Renmark and worked as a producer for the ABC. Nadia knows local communities need local news and she will always fight any cuts to our public broadcaster. She is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to the health care they need, and was proud to work for the national mental health foundation headspace and the Fred Hollows Foundation. Nadia has worked in policy and media roles in the areas of health, ageing, mental health, housing and homelessness, foreign affairs, climate change and the environment. She is an active member in our community, and volunteers as an emergency and respite foster carer.

Nadia Clancy is being mentored by Janine Freeman, MLA for Mirrabooka in WA.

"I am passionate about fairness, equality, helping others, and achieving for the Boothby community."





Emily Gore is a Labor candidate for South Australia for the Senate in the next federal election. Emily was born in Whyalla where her father worked for BHP (now Simec Mining) and her mother was a teacher. Her parents taught her that everyone deserves the same opportunities to access education and find meaningful work. Emily's family later moved to Adelaide where she completed the majority of her schooling and attended university. She graduated with a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Language from the University of Adelaide, and a Masters of International Relations. Prior to running for the Senate Emily has worked as a retail assistant, as an electorate officer, as an adviser to the State Minister for Education and Child Development and most recently as a Members Rights Official for United Voice SA. While at university Emily was involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations, including as an Executive Member and Youth Delegate for Amnesty International. Emily has previously been the Chairperson, and is currently the Secretary for Independent Advocacy, an organisation that promotes valued lives for people living with a disability. Recently she was the state Co-Convenor for the South Australian Labor Women’s Network. On the side I try to keep active - she has completed two half-marathons and plays basketball for a social women’s team every week.

Emily believes that her generation cares deeply about social justice issues and wants to be involved in making positive changes, but unfortunately many face impediments or are disengaged and do not see themselves represented in our leaders. She believes that more people of all generations and backgrounds can be involved in government and community organisations if we address barriers to participation such as income inequality, structural discrimination and access to fulfilling and stable work.

Emily is being mentored by Anne Urquhart, federal Senator for Tasmania.

"I believe that our Parliament is stronger and makes better decisions with more diverse voices, especially including women."





Karin Bolton is the Labor candidate for Grey in SA for the 2019 federal election. Karin was born in Adelaide and moved to live in Whyalla 26 years ago. Her mother’s family immigrated from Europe and her father’s family are from Port Pirie. They later moved to Whyalla in the 1930's where her grandfather worked in the ship yards and her grandmother at the Shell Annex during the second world war. Karin raised her family in Whyalla whilst assisting in the family transport business and studying to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work. In her role as a social worker she has worked with many individuals, families, cohorts and with industry  towards improving individual and collective experiences in terms of social, economic and environmental outcomes. Her work included conciliation counselling, and working within the disability sector, aged care and rural health sectors. Karin values fairness, equity of opportunity and improving the participation of all people in the social and economic fabric of our society/community.  Her campaign is aimed at increasing the representation of the communities in Grey at the Federal Level to ensure the resources needed for ongoing social, economic and environmental sustainability.

“Through our diversity and our collective voice we will create positive change for all.”




Larissa Harrison is a Labor candidate for the Senate in SA for the 2019 federal election. Larissa was born in South Australia and grew up in the seat of Boothby, where she continues to live. She works as a lawyer, specialising in industrial relations and employment law. Larissa has a Masters in Law (Legal Practice) from Australian National University, a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Adelaide. She is a former President of the South Australian Labor Party. Larissa has served on the State Executive of the South Australian Labor Party, as a National Conference Delegate and on most of the various committees of the South Australian Labor Party. She is passionate about ensuring that every person is afforded the same rights, protections and opportunities - no matter what their background, income or level of education is. Larissa joined the Labor Party, and now stand as a Candidate in the Senate, because she believes that a Federal Labor Government will make the lives of ordinary Australians better.

"The gender gap is currently 17 per cent which means Australian women are effectively working two months of every year for free. The Liberals have ignored the gender pay gap, supported cuts to penalty rates that disproportionately harm women and refused to support increases to the minimum wage. If elected, in a Shorten Labor Government I will be a part of national push to help close the gender pay gap."




Australian Capital Territory:



Alicia Payne is the Labor candidate for the federal seat of Canberra in the ACT for the 2019 federal election. Alicia was born and grew up in Canberra and is now raising her baby son there. She is an economist whose focus has been on social policy. Alicia spent the first five years of her career at the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) publishing on issues such as poverty and inequality and the impact of public policy on families. She worked for five years at Commonwealth Treasury on Social Policy and personal income tax. Most recently Alicia worked as a senior adviser on social policy to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and then as Chief of Staff to Jenny Macklin, Shadow Minister for Social Services. She Alicia went on leave from this position in early 2018 to have her baby and she is currently sharing her time between mothering and campaigning. Alicia has been a volunteer in the Canberra community for many years, including on the Board of Belconnen Community Service where she spent three years as the elected President.

Alicia is passionate about addressing disadvantage and inequality, including gender inequality. In particular she wants to focus on expanding access to paid parental leave for both parents, access to affordable quality early childhood education and care, seeing the National Disability Insurance Scheme deliver on the choice and control promised, and ensuring Australia has a strong social security system.

Alicia is being mentored by Verity Firth, former MP for Balmain in NSW. 

"I’m running because I have seen the difference that Labor Governments can make to people’s lives. I want to be part of ensuring our community becomes fairer, not less fair, and my young son reminds me just how important this is."





Nancy Waites is Labor's second candidate for the Senate in the ACT for the 2019 federal election. Nancy has studied, worked and lived in Canberra for 20 years, and is an active member of local community groups. Nancy has diverse working experience across the public, private and non profit sectors. The unifying link is a passion for social justice and an enjoyment of working with people from other cultures and backgrounds. She worked for over five years in the Commonwealth public service, in the private sector as a management consultant and then a marketing manager, as policy advisor to Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and for five years headed up World Vision Australia’s Government Relations team. Nancy founded and runs Canberra en français magazine – a bilingual French-English magazine telling local stories with a French language connection. She also established her local residents association and remains an active member of its leadership group, and is on the board of the Alliance Française de Canberra. In her spare time, she enjoys bushwalking and skiing with her husband and their two boisterous children.

Nancy is being mentored by Trish Crossin, former federal senator for the NT.

"Evidence shows that the more diverse the decision-making group, the better the decisions. If elected to the Senate, I would work to ensure a variety of women’s voices are heard to make sure we make the most of, and celebrate, Australia’s great cultural diversity."







Julie Collins is the Labor candidate for Franklin in Tasmania for the 2019 federal election. Julie was first elected to Federal Parliament in 2007 and was the first woman elected to the Federal seat of Franklin. Julie lives locally on the Eastern Shore with her husband Ian and their three children.

Julie entered politics because she deeply believes that your postcode or your income bracket should not determine the quality of services available to you. She is passionate that quality education, decent health services and fairness in the workplace should be available to everyone.

From a young age, Julie came to realise that too often being poor was a barrier to accessing decent services. She entered politics to make sure that no one else has to experience what she did. Throughout her career in politics, Julie has worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of others and will continue to do so. As an active local Member, she brings dedication and energy to the task of improving the lives of the people of Franklin. She is humbled to have been made the first Tasmanian Cabinet Minister since 2001.

“I want to continue to mentor and support women into parliament so we can improve policies that allow women to participate.”






Justine Keay is the Labor candidate for Braddon in Tasmania for the 2019 federal election. Born and raised on the North West Coast Justine is the proud mum to three young boys. A seventh generation Tasmanian whose father sadly passed away at sea when she was young, Justine knows what it is like when things get tough.

That’s why she is fighting for better health services, increased investment in local schools and better job opportunities for young people. Rather than an $80 billion tax handout for big business and the banks, Justine believes we should be properly funding local hospitals and health services, putting more money back into local schools and TAFE. Justine wants a better future for her children and every child in our region.

"As the first female elected to the seat of Braddon, my passion is representing my community, especially our minority groups and battlers who deserve equal opportunities. I feel I am giving back my best when I use my voice to speak up for those who haven’t yet found theirs."





Northern Territory



Malarndirri McCarthy is a Labor candidate for the Senate in the NT for the 2019 federal election. Malarndirri is a Yanyuwa woman from Borroloola in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Before announcing her candidacy for the Senate, Malarndirri was a senior presenter and journalist for NITV News and host of Week in Review. From 2005–2012, Malarndirri represented the people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory Parliament. She was a Northern Territory Minister in 2008-2012 and held numerous portfolios including Children & Families, Indigenous & Regional Development, Women, Tourism and Local Government Malarndirri spent 16 years presenting and reporting for ABC News and Stateline in the Northern Territory, Sydney and Canberra. Malarndirri is passionate about seeing Indigenous young people stay at school through to Year 12, and on to tertiary study and work.

"Labor is about a fair go for all  Australians. Equity is at the core of what we do, recognising that we don’t all start from the same point, that we need action to ensure all our voices are heard, that we all deserve a seat at the decision making table.”

"The financial empowerment of women is critical to moving out of entrenched poverty and violent relationships."