Our Campaigns


 Affirmative action – moving to equal parliamentary representation

“There is one very simple reason why gender equity is important and that is democracy. If we are truly a democratic nation, it is important for all views to be represented”. Emily Lee-Ack, 2002

Achieving equal representation for women in parliament has always been one of EMILY’s List’s key tenets.

In July 2015, we successfully campaigned for the introduction by the ALP of a rule change to enshrine 50% of women in winnable seats by 2025. 

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Enshrining reproductive choice in law

EMILY’s List MPs and members have played key roles in reforming abortion laws across Australia.

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Building what women want into campaigns and policy – our Gender Gap Research

Regularly asking women voters what they want from candidates and governments helps inform what we do – and how our candidates campaign as women.

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Ensuring an ongoing pipeline of progressive women candidates

Sisters Doing It For Themselves 

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are leaders in their own communities and this project aims to bring these skills into a range of public decision making bodies from kindergarten committees to local, state or even federal government” – Koora Cooper, former Co-Convenor, Victorian Partnership for Equity Network Committee.

Since 2003, EMILY's List has been part of a coalition of women's groups working toward encouraging and skilling Indigenous women to take up their place on our parliament benches.

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Next Generation

EMILY’s List’s Next Generation program is an investment in ensuring our parliaments achieve a critical mass of progressive women.

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 I joined EMILY's List Because…

We at EMILY's List are asking our fabulous feminist members why they joined and to share that with friends to encourage future members to join up!

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