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Christine Couzens has been the Member for Geelong since November 2014. Geelong-born and bred, widowed with three young children, she is now the mother of four and currently living with her partner in Geelong West.  Christine has a long history working in community development and with disadvantaged youth. Christine has held the position of Geelong Trades Hall President and was instrumental in establishing the Women Unionist Network to address the issues facing working women. She is Co-convener of the ALP Parliamentary Women’s Caucus and an Acting Chair during the 58th Parliament.

Christine strongly supports equal rights and opportunity for women, and believes domestic violence is a major social issue as identified through the Royal Commission into Family Violence. She is very proud that the Andrews Government has accepted all of the recommendations by the Royal Commission to address family violence. Gender Equality and Equal Pay are also two key areas that she advocates for. Christine established the Geelong Gender Equality Coalition, a group of strong women leaders who want to be a part of bringing about cultural change and dealing with the issues affecting women such as equality, the gender pay gap, and violence against women.

Christine is the Premier's Ambassador for Closing the Gap, addressing issues that negatively affect the health of Aboriginal people in Victoria. With three aboriginal children, herself she understands the issues aboriginal communities are dealing with. She is very proud of the introduction of ‘Advancing the Treaty Process Legislation’ recently passed by the Victorian Government. Christine is currently chairing a working group to develop strategies for Aboriginal people and people with a disability to gain real pathways to employment in the health sector.

Christine is committed to championing the rights of those with a disability to have equal access in their community to enable access to health, educational, social and employment opportunities.  She has just recently initiated a study into ‘what will make Geelong a world’s best practice accessible city’. Christine is a member of the Parliament of Victoria’s Family and Community Development Committee, which held the Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services in 2015, and the Inquiry into Services for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2017 and recently tabled the inquiry into Perinatal Services in Victoria 2018.


"I am committed to being a voice that supports the empowerment of all women to contribute their experiences and views on what matters to them and their community."