Donate to Antoinette Holm for Gippsland

Antoinette Holm is the Labor candidate for Gippsland in Victoria for the 2019 federal election. Antoinette is a writer and teacher who lives in the Latrobe Valley. She has worked in the education sector for much of her working life in schools, TAFE, and university. She describes herself as a part of the gig economy, and knows first-hand the impacts of insecure access to paid work. A published author, Antoinette has worked extensively with writers in the creative sector, and is particularly proud of her work mentoring writers with a disability. Her most recent work of fiction features the historic landscape of Gippsland in the Gold Rush era. She is standing for the seat of Gippsland because she believes that this election is crucial for the future of this region and for the nation. Antoinette is passionate about education, health services, aged care, the environment, and a fair living wage. Gippsland is a region with tremendous natural and cultural resources, and Antoinette is very proud to call Gippsland home. She is keen to meet as many constituents as possible to listen and advocate on the issues that are close to the hearts of Gippslanders.

Antoinette is being mentored by Liz Pommer, VELAG Convenor.

"For me, this federal election is simple. It is about hope. It is about respect. It is about facing up to the very real challenges that lie ahead. We seek not to merely face them but to deal with them. It is about making a future that is civil, respectful and compassionate. It is about the wisdom to take the hard decisions, and the strength to be compassionate and ethical in our actions."