Donate to Elida Faith for Leichhardt

Elida Faith is the Labor candidate for Leichhardt in Queensland for the 2019 federal election. Elida has spent the last 12 years of her professional career working in roles focused on helping the most vulnerable, and has always fought for a better deal for workers and their families. Her dedication to community shines through her volunteer work, including with a local animal action group. 

Elida understands that our region needs a strong voice for our community, who fights for secure jobs and the best education and health services for our region. She won’t stand by while Scott Morrison and Warren Entsch cut jobs from our local university and funding from our schools, hospitals and Indigenous housing. Elida knows we have a high youth unemployment rate and that only a Labor government will invest in apprenticeships and training. 

While Scott Morrison and Warren Entsch have prioritised tax cuts for the top end of town, Elida has hit the ground running and is fighting for more road funding like extending the Bruce Highway in Cairns to improve access to the airport and take trucks off suburban streets.She understands that workers need their penalty rates, which have been cut by the Morrison Government. Creating good, secure local jobs in our region is Elida’s top priority.

"Women’s shelters are essential services for women and children suffering domestic violence in our community. They are there to help our most vulnerable escape violent situations and get back on their feet but they battle for funding. It's crucial that we supplement funding to our local shelters.





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