Donate for the 2019 federal election

EMILY's List Australia endorsed candidates for the next federal election:


Jana Stewart for Kooyong (VIC) 

Shireen Morris for Deakin (VIC)

Peta Murphy for Dunkley (VIC)

Jennifer Yang for Chisholm (VIC)

Kate Thwaites for Jagajaga (VIC)

Stella Yee for Menzies (VIC)

Lisa Chesters for Bendigo (VIC)

Joanne Ryan for Lalor (VIC)

Jessica O'Donnell for Monash (VIC)

Antoinette Holm for Gippsland (VIC)

Ged Kearney for Cooper (VIC)

Libby Coker for Corangamite (VIC)

Karen Douglas for Senate (VIC)

Catherine King for Ballarat (VIC)

Fiona McLeod for Higgins (VIC)

Jess Walsh for Senate (VIC)

Louise Crawford for Senate (VIC)


New South Wales:

Linda Burney for Barton (NSW)

Sharon Claydon for Newcastle (NSW)

Anne Charlton for Robertson (NSW)

Fiona Phillips for Gilmore (NSW)

Julie Owens for Parramatta (NSW)

Sharon Bird for Cunningham (NSW)

Susan Templeman for Macquarie (NSW)

Tanya Plibersek for Sydney (NSW)

Simonne Pengelly for Senate (NSW)



Jo Briskey for Bonner (QLD)

Ali France for Dickson (QLD)

Belinda Hassan for Dawson (QLD)

Elida Faith for Leichhardt (QLD)

Luz Stanton for Fadden (QLD)

Cathy O'Toole for Herbert (QLD)

Terri Butler for Griffith (QLD) 

Linda Little for Maranoa (QLD)

Nita Green for Senate (QLD)

Susan Lamb for Longman (QLD)

Corrine Mulholland for Petrie (QLD)


Western Australia: 

Anne Aly for Cowan (WA)

Kim Travers for Pearce (WA) 

Mellisa Teede for Canning (WA)

Hannah Beazley for Swan (WA)

Marion Boswell for Tangney (WA)

Madeleine King for Brand (WA)

Louise Pratt for Senate (WA)


South Australia:

Nadia Clancy for Boothby (SA)

Emily Gore for Senate (SA)

Karin Bolton for Grey (SA)

Larissa Harrison for Senate (SA)


Australian Capital Territory:

Alicia Payne for Canberra (ACT)

Nancy Waites for Senate (ACT)



Julie Collins for Franklin (TAS)

Justine Keay for Braddon (TAS)


Northern Territory

Malarndirri McCarthy for Senate (NT)

...with more to be announced