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Julie Collins is the Labor candidate for Franklin in Tasmania for the 2019 federal election. Julie was first elected to Federal Parliament in 2007 and was the first woman elected to the Federal seat of Franklin. Julie lives locally on the Eastern Shore with her husband Ian and their three children.

Julie entered politics because she deeply believes that your postcode or your income bracket should not determine the quality of services available to you. She is passionate that quality education, decent health services and fairness in the workplace should be available to everyone.

From a young age, Julie came to realise that too often being poor was a barrier to accessing decent services. She entered politics to make sure that no one else has to experience what she did. Throughout her career in politics, Julie has worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of others and will continue to do so. As an active local Member, she brings dedication and energy to the task of improving the lives of the people of Franklin. She is humbled to have been made the first Tasmanian Cabinet Minister since 2001.

“I want to continue to mentor and support women into parliament so we can improve policies that allow women to participate.”