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Karin Bolton is the Labor candidate for Grey in SA for the 2019 federal election. Karin was born in Adelaide and moved to live in Whyalla 26 years ago. Her mother’s family immigrated from Europe and her father’s family are from Port Pirie. They later moved to Whyalla in the 1930's where her grandfather worked in the ship yards and her grandmother at the Shell Annex during the second world war. Karin raised her family in Whyalla whilst assisting in the family transport business and studying to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work. In her role as a social worker she has worked with many individuals, families, cohorts and with industry  towards improving individual and collective experiences in terms of social, economic and environmental outcomes. Her work included conciliation counselling, and working within the disability sector, aged care and rural health sectors. Karin values fairness, equity of opportunity and improving the participation of all people in the social and economic fabric of our society/community.  Her campaign is aimed at increasing the representation of the communities in Grey at the Federal Level to ensure the resources needed for ongoing social, economic and environmental sustainability.

“Through our diversity and our collective voice we will create positive change for all.”