Donate to Lisa Chesters for Bendigo

Lisa Chesters is the Labor candidate for Bendigo in the 2019 federal election. Lisa is the first woman to be elected as the Federal Member for Bendigo which is an electorate that has existed since Federation.

Following the 2016 election, Lisa was appointed Shadow Assistant Minister for Workplace Relations and Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional and Rural Australia. 

As a member of the IWDA’s  Myanmar Women Parliamentarians Mentoring Program, Lisa supports female MPs in Myanmar to become more effective in their parliamentary work and advocate for gender equality in politics and legislation.

“The gender pay gap is one of the most persistent forms of inequality in the Australian economy.  Traditionally female dominated industries such a health care and education is undervalued.  Closing the pay gap is not just about equal pay – it’s about equal worthy and equal dignity.”


 Lisa Chesters MP