Donate to Simonne Pengelly for Senate (NSW)

Simonne Pengelly is a Labor candidate for the Senate in NSW for the 2019 federal election. Simonne is a long-term member of the Australian Labor Party, a parent to two young kids, and lifelong resident of Newcastle, in the Hunter Region of NSW. Born in Newcastle, she attended local public schools, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Creative Industries from the University of Newcastle. She later earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). She is also a proud graduate of TAFE. The unique experience of growing up in regional New South Wales has shaped Simonne’s life and gave her a deep understanding of the importance of proper infrastructure and equity of access across the state. Simonne knows firsthand the importance of giving women and their children a chance though a decent social security safety net and access to affordable health and education. Simonne has decades of experience working for regional communities and understands the critical issues that affect our regions. As a part of the regional Labor team, she has championed the unique qualities of regional New South Wales and helped deliver the vital projects to support regional economic prosperity and diversity, working closely with the political and industrial arms of the labour movement to deliver the best outcomes for workers and the environment. Simonne is committed to working with stakeholders in the labour movement and more broadly to ensure a just transition for our workers and an appropriate response to the threat of climate change.

"Choice lies at the heart of the empowerment of women. I am committed to protecting a women's right to choose--to choose how we live, how we work, how and when we have children, how and when we enter and leave relationships. The more choices we as women have the more we are all empowered to make a stronger and more stable society."