Donate to Susan Lamb for Longman

Susan Lamb is the Labor candidate for Longman in QLD for the 2019 federal election. Susan has lived in Longman for more than 26 years. She has raised her family of four sons here and been involved in local primary schools, high schools, community and sporting clubs. Before entering parliament Susan worked in a national role advocating for professional recognition for early childhood educators with United Voice Union.

Susan and her family have a history of work in the hospitality, manufacturing and building industries. She knows and understands how important a safe, secure and well paid job is for every family. Her family’s involvement in small business also means Susan understands the importance of giving small businesses the opportunity to build and grow, so that they can deliver high quality local jobs and opportunities for our community. Susan spent 10 years as a teacher aide and knows the importance of high quality education and the foundation it lays for the future of our children. As a mother of two university students, one VET student and one secondary school student Susan knows the challenges students face today.

“Having worked in female-dominated industries like Early Childhood Education and as a Teacher Aide, I got into Parliament to stand up for Australia’s women – women who deserve equal choices, equal pay, and equal opportunities. I won’t stop fighting for equality.”



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