Donate to Jo Briskey for Bonner

Jo Briskey is the next federal election Labor candidate for Bonner. She is a qualified psychologist, community advocate, public commentator and working mum to two little girls, Gweny and Margot. For the last five years Jo has headed up Australia's peak advocacy organisation for parents, The Parenthood.  An organisation with over 64,000 parents from across Australia, The Parenthood provides a platform for parents to have a say on the issues that matter to them and their families. Jo has lead the parent campaign for more affordable early learning and care, against federal government cuts to paid parental leave and cuts to the government support thousands of families, in particular single parent families depend on. Jo has focused her working life on empowering others to get involved in the political process to achieve positive change for themselves and their communities with keen focus on addressing gender and social inequality. Having been the national voice for parents, including for those across the electorate of Bonner, it has become clear to Jo, as it has to so many, that the Turnbull Government is completely out-of-step with what is happening locally and the issues that matter. Jo is concerned that Turnbull is taking our country down a path that will further cement economic and social inequality and Jo wants to help put a stop to that.

"I'm standing to help shift the direction of our nation's economy and our future. I'm working to deliver a brighter and fairer future for my girls and their generation."