Gender Gap Research


Gender Gap Research: Joan Kirner AC considered it vital

EMILY's List engages specialist pollsters to conduct face-to-face focus groups with women in metropolitan and regional marginal seats.

These groups discuss issues affecting women voters and seek their views and ideas on policy solutions.

Gender Gap Research is more than polling. It is in-depth, primary research that identifies what women want, need and expect from candidates and government.

"Building my campaign conversation with the input from EMILY's List Gender Gap Research enabled informed, intimate and genuine connections with Denison voters" – Jane Austin, Candidate.


“The quality of Gender Gap Research commissioned by EMILY's List was invaluable in helping me shape Labour campaigns to meet the needs of women” – Jenny Macklin, Long-time EL MP and former Federal Government Minister

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Give a Mother’s Day gift in Joan Kirner’s name.

If you want to do something a little different for your Mother this Mother's Day, we can help with a gift in their name to the Joan Kirner Gender Gap Research Fund.

Joan nominated this as the fundraising area she wanted EMILY’s List to conduct in her name. Joan believed that this research is vital if our candidates are to have access to effective, reliable information on which to base their campaigns as a woman candidate.

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