Why They 'March4Justice' Against Gendered Violence

Gendered violence has been a systemic issue across Australia for too long. Thousands of women, men and children attended rallies across Australia on Feb. 27 to protest gendered violence. March4Justice, the grassroots organisation behind the peaceful protests, said the mass showing of public support is bound to build upon existing pressure for politicians to “put an end to issues of sexism, misogyny, corruption and dangerous workplace cultures” throughout the country.   An extract from on the Global Citizen article on some of the powerful reasons Melburnians showed up to protest for equality. Continue reading

Coalition can't 'cherry pick' safety fixes

Labor women's group Emily's List wants to see the opposition commit to Ms Jenkins' proposals as soon as possible. "It's a shocking report, but it's unsurprising to everyone that I know," national co-convenor Leigh Svendsen told AAP.     Continue reading

MEDIA RELEASE: 2020-21 Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern Report

Violence against women is a barrier to women entering Australian Politics The recent revelations of sexual harassment and assault within Parliament House in Canberra has exposed political organisations as unsafe workplaces, where violence against women in politics is commonplace. The Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern report to be released today paints a bleak picture of treatment of women in politics in Australia. It shows how experiences of abuse negatively impact women from when they are girls first expressing their interest in politics, to when they become women in senior public office. This has significantly limited the progress of women’s political representation and leadership in Australia. Continue reading

Cultural change takes time - our work is not done.

Paul Keating backed in the formation of EMILY's List Australia as Prime Minister. It was hard to dismiss the logic of Joan Kirner and the other women who identified the need to break the bias of a party selecting mostly men in winnable seats.  Continue reading

The Liberals’ problem with women is simple: the men block their path

"The ALP has used the wildly successful Emily’s List since 1996 to inject political smarts into generations of Labor women and provide vital mentoring. The Liberals have nothing similar." Jon Faine Continue reading

WA election: Record number of women set to claim seat in Parliament following landslide

In case anyone needs a reminder of just how huge the WA Labor win was, here is a reminder.  A gender equal caucus. With all the talk of Federal Liberals no longer "wishing, hoping and praying for change" and considering quotas, here's the evidence that they work. Continue reading

Women unite in anger to march on Parliament and across the nation

Women across Australia are saying #EnoughIsEnough We refuse to wait over 100 years to reach gender equality at the current rate of change. We demand our human right to live free from violence and discrimination.  Continue reading

Aged care is one of the big feminist issues of our time

Meredith Burgmann has wrote this opinion piece on the day the Royal Commission into Aged Care was released. A farcical press conference was given at the same time as the public release of the report so journalist had no time to prepare. Scrutiny will come. Regulation and accountability will be key, but who in this Government can we trust to implement the recommendations? Continue reading

Parental leave: Women’s health hangs in the balance

Lucie O'Brien wrote an excellent piece in The Age on in different experiences of women how have children to care for compared to their male partners during the lockdowns. yes it does impact on their health, and unequal caring is a huge part of that equation. Parental leave needs addressing so care is shared equally. Continue reading

The ALP has a long way to go on gender equality

Jenna Price, The Canberra Times Continue reading