Notice of AGM 2023

ELA Annual General Meeting    Continue reading

EMILY’S LIST Australia congratulates The Hon. Jacinta Allan MP on her appointment as the 49th Premier of Victoria.

EMILY’S LIST Australia congratulates The Hon. Jacinta Allan MP on her appointment as the 49th Premier of Victoria.  Continue reading

Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship Report 2023

Raising Her Voice: Amplifying the voices of women and minoritised groups in politics.  Continue reading

What does the Budget mean for women?

The Budget  - What does it mean for Women? It is clear from the Budget delivered on 9th May that equality for women is at the heart of what the Albanese Labor Government plan to do, which is a stark contrast to the previous Liberal governments’ budgets which continuously left women behind.    Continue reading

EMILYs List Support Reform of WA Abortion Laws

EMILYs List Australia Congratulate McGowan on a Step in the Right Direction Continue reading

Know Who You're Voting For

KNOW WHO YOU'RE VOTING FOR AT THIS UPCOMING ELECTION AT THIS ELECTION, YOUR VOTE IS YOUR POWER.  There are parties out there that want to take a woman's right to chose away. This page is here to provide some resources on candidates that align with EMILY's List Australia's values, and candidates that fail to support those values.  Have a look at our campaign below! Continue reading

Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern to Research the Gendered Dynamics of ''Care'' in Parliament, Households and Policy Making

Many Australians are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, especially women whose economic security has been significantly impacted. International evidence demonstrates that women have taken on a disproportionate responsibility for caring during and after the pandemic. Continue reading

Lost Petition update

EMILY’s List Australia respects and supports the voices of all women and considers the Lost Petition to be an important artwork and a voice for those who can no longer represent themselves. We’re disappointed that some reports are suggesting that EMILY’s List Australia has a role in what is displayed at HerPlace museum. We do not. The museum held an event at which the Lost Petition was hung, with our upcoming HerStory exhibition as the backdrop. Some comments made by an EMILY’s List volunteer, rightly pointing out that onsite counsellors are often needed when displaying such an important yet challenging artwork, have been reported out of context and inaccurately. We understand it was always intended by the museum to hang the artwork for their one event – further detail than that, we’ll respectfully leave to the museum sisters to comment on. Although the purpose of EMILY’s List Australia is to support the election of progressive Labor women, we also actively participate in conversations relating to our core values and finding solutions to the devastating impacts of family violence. We strongly support museums and galleries across Australia finding opportunities to hang The Lost Petition so all Australians can see it and participate in this important conversation.