Our Women

Women win elections

Election results in Victoria in 2014, Queensland and NSW in 2015 and WA in 2017 showed that women candidates resonate strongly with voters, particularly those unhappy with male-dominated conservative governments.

Such results echoed MIT research that showed that “a simple way to improve a political party’s chances at the ballot box is to have more women as candidates”.

So it also makes electoral sense for the ALP to ensure it maintains a steady flow of quality women candidates – something that the Liberal Party is also finally now acknowledging.

And progressive women MPs make a difference

EMILY's List members, candidates and MPs have had an incredible impact on bringing about legislative and policy change of benefit to women, children and families.

Significant progress has been made in the areas of abortion law reform, gender equality, women’s health and safety, paid parental leave, child care and pay equity.

EMILY’s List has begun analysing the impact of its endorsed women MPs in parliament.

The initial assessments have looked at the 2007-2013 Federal Labor Government and the 1996-2014 Tasmanian Labor Government

Research is being completed into the contribution of EMILY’s List MPs in the South Australian Labor Government.

These reports have shown the need for more women to be at Caucus and Cabinet decision-making tables as their presence brings about a broader, more representative legislative program.


EMILY's List supports progressive women candidates.

Since 1996, we have supported more than 420 women to campaign, with more than 210 taking their places on our parliamentary benches. 


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