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40percentbadgeAt the ALP's 2015 National Conference in July, EMILY's List will be seeking rule changes to increase Labor women's representation to 50% by 2020.

To underpin this campaign, we have produced the Status of Women 2015 report which provides an update on the current representation by women in our parliaments.

This report was launched by Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on 31 May.

While the report shows that the ALP's current national target of 40/40/20 has played a significant role in increasing the number of Australian women MPs since its introduction, 40% is not equal.


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@EMILYsListAus @therealbrazen @ilVeleno @Fitzwah @abcnewsMelb @abcnews Sorry, which Young Labor has 7/8 women on the exec? Aus YL sits at 12:9 men:women
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