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Its official - EMILY's List, along with women from across the ALP, have returned Victoria to a state with clear, sustainable and enforceable affirmative action rules!

EMILY's List worked with progressive ALP and trade union women leaders to successfully steer through changes to Victorian party rules which will enshrine affirmative action in both the Victorian houses of parliament, municipal elections and the preselection of Victorian federal candidates.

It took a lot of work and some brilliant speeches by people like national co-convenor Tanja Kovac, AEU women's officer Cath Davis and one of our brightest next generation leaders Shannon Threlfall-Clarke, but we got there in the end!

Click here to read Tanja's speech on Saturday (the day prior to the AA vote) and here for Cath and Shannon's impassioned speeches immediately prior to the change being agreed to.

Well done to all the women involved in making sure this significant change happened. Now for the rest of the country!


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