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2001 EMILY Award joint winners Carol Martin and Jenny Beacham

Carol undertook a campaign against the odds in the Kimberley, working with a campaign team who did not always understand her approach to campaigning. Jenny, an experienced campaigner, spent six weeks with Carol focusing her campaign and assisting with organisational issues and of course, moral support. During the campaign, Jenny and Carol were in constant contact to talk about the campaign and develop strategies to deal with problems as they arose.

In February 2001, we congratulated Carol on becoming the frrst indigenous woman to be elected to parliament. EMILY's List recognises the hard work by Carol, her family and supporters, and her mentor Jenny Beacham, in achieving this milestone. 

Jenny and Carol's mentoring relationship is a strong symbol of the importance of the mentoring program established by EMILY's List.We congratulate them on their continuing work as mentors and their EMILY Award for 2001.