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Case Studies - 2022 Federal Election

EMILY’s List Australia is so proud to support many progressive candidates. We can only do this thanks to the ongoing support of EMILY's List Members. 

These case studies highlight the different parts the EMILY’s List team play in a campaign.

Stepping in to support

Menzies, Victoria - Naomi Oakley

Menzies was considered an unwinnable seat. The campaign manager was redeployed to another highly contested seat leaving Naomi’s campaign team to their own resources. Read more

Providing training and mentoring support

Groom, Queensland - Gen Allpass

Representation matters. EMILY’s List is making sure all communities have the option to vote for  a strong progressive woman, even the conversative regional communities. Read more

Supporting women across Australia

Lingiari, NT - Marion Scrymgour

Running a campaign in remote and rural Australia, requires a special kind of logistic. Getting candidates and their people to meet and engage with constituents takes funding. Read more

Gender Gap Research

Reid, NSW - Sally Situ

Since the founding of EMILY’s List Australia in 1996, Gender Gap Research has been conducted before every Federal election, and before several State elections. The ELA Gender Gap Research identified how the woman voters of Reid felt about key issues. Read more

Supporting the young and diverse

Senate, WA - Fatima Payman

There's no way to campaign for yourself in the senate. Candidates use their connections and capacity to campaign on the ground to maximise the party vote. ELA mentor Janine Freeman encouraged Fatima to hold true to her commitment on how she wanted to campaign. Read more

Beyond campaign support

Boothby, SA - Louise Miller-Frost

It is testament to ELA creating pathways for election of progressive women that Miller Frost was pre-selected. Read more