Since our first candidates in 1997-1998, EMILY's List Australia has supported 555 progressive Labor women, with 267 elected into state and federal parliaments. EMILY’s List has supported such women leaders as:

  • Clare Martin AO – the Northern Territory’s first female Chief Minister
  • Lara Giddings – Tasmania’s first woman Premier
  • Katy Gallagher – the ACT’s third woman Chief Minister and current Senator
  • Anna Bligh AC – Australia’s first popularly elected Premier and Queensland’s first woman leader
  • Carol Martin - the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to any Australian parliament
  • Linda Burney - the first indigenous woman to be elected into the NSW Parliament and then into Australian House of Representatives
  • Anne Aly - the first Muslim woman to be elected to federal parliament
  • And, of course, founding member Julia Gillard AC, Australia’s first woman Prime Minister.

Our members, candidates and MPs have had an incredible impact on bringing about legislative and policy change of benefit to women, children and families. Significant progress has been made in the areas of abortion law reform, gender equality, women’s health and safety, paid parental leave, equal pay, early childhood education and care. EMILY’s List regularly analyses the impact of its endorsed progressive women MPs in parliament, click on the following links to read the reports:

These reports have shown the need for more women to be at Caucus and Cabinet decision-making tables as their presence brings about a broader, more representative legislative program.