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Mollie Smith Award

Pat Giles Award

'Don't be too polite, girl!' Award

Top Broad Award


The EMILY is awarded to EMILY’s List women who have shown exceptional courage, determination, innovation and commitment to issues, reforms and practices that promote the position of women in Australian society. This also includes increasing access to essential services for women.

1999: Cheryl Davenport

2000: Leonie Morgan

2001: Helen Creed

2002: Jenny Beacham and Carol Martin

2003: Kay Setches and Judy Spence

2004: Molly Robson and Carolyn Pickles

2005: Sharan Burrow

2006: Joan Kirner

2007: Claire Moore

2008: Candy Broad

2009: Maree Overall

2010: Julia Gillard and Maxine Morand

2011: Carrole Ford

2012: Sharryn Jackson

2013: Jenny Macklin and Anne Summers

2014: Louise Pratt

2015: Tanja Kovac

2016: Anne McEwen

2017: Jill Hennessy 

2018: Jackie Trad

2019: Michelle O’Byrne and Claire Pullen

2020: Linda Burney

2021: Katrine Hildyard

2022: Janine Freeman

2023: Amber-Jade Sanderson




Mollie Smith Award

Since 2000, the Mollie Smith Award has been presented annually by the family of Mollie Smith to honour her many years of volunteer service to the Labor Party. Mollie is honoured for her support for issues affecting women, her community work and her mentoring of young women interested in politics and community action. For these reasons, Mollie is a perfect ambassador for our award recognising exceptional volunteer service to EMILY’s List. We thank Mollie’s family for their continued involvement in this award.

2002: Feyi Akindoyeni, Gaye Carson and Lynda Voltz

2003: Karen Mow and Anne Kennedy

2004: Mary Price, Melva Austin, Anne-Marie Scully and Katy Marshall

2005: Chris Scott

2006: Meg Martin and Barbara Jennings

2007: Trish Crossin

2008: Liz Boyle

2009: Kim Travers and Virginia Clarke

2010: Diana White

2011: Sarah Seymour

2013: Hiba Casablanca, Trystyn Bowe and Sophie Arnold

2014: Meredith Newman and Mavis Robertson

2015: Christine Kibble

2016: Nicole Campbell

2017: Lisa Clutterham

2018: Karen Melzack

2019: Emily Mayo

2020: Angela Mudford

2021: Maree Klemm and Eleanor Bates

2022: Mary-Beth O'Brien

2023: Lorie Werner


Pat Giles Award

The Pat Giles Award is awarded to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of women in the Western Australian labour movement.

2008: Helen Creed

2009: Diana Warnock

2010: Sharryn Jackson

2011: Carol Martin

2012: Nina Devlin

2013: not held

2014: Yvonne Henderson

2015: Lyla Elliot

2018: Stephanie Mayman

2019: Kay Hallahan AO

2020: Angela Hartwig

2021: Dr Judy Stratton

2022: Susan Barrera

'Don't be too polite, girl!' Award

This award recognises and encourages an active young woman contributing to the Western Australian labour movement. 

2008:  Fiona Henderson

2009:  Sarah Seymour

2010:  Linda Goncalves

2011:  Alex Cassier

2012:  Gemma Black

2013:  not held

2014:  Ellie Whiteaker

2015: Mia Onorato-Sartori 

2018: George Foulkes-Taylor

2019: Marije Van Hemert

2020: Fatima Payman

2021: Magenta Wilder

2022: Hiba Alsoeady

Top Broad Award

This award is given annually in recognition of outstanding service to Victorian women by a Victorian MP. The award is named after former Victorian MP, Candy Broad, whose hard work and commitment was integral to the passage of legislation to decriminalise abortion in Victoria.

2015: Candy Broad was the inaugural winner

2017: Fiona Richardson

2018: Natalie Hutchins

2021: Gabby Williams

2023: Jacinta Allan