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    Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship Report 2020-21

    In her report The Missing Women of Australian Politics: How violence against women creates barriers to female representation, 2020/21 Julia Gillard Next Generation intern Medha Majumdar explores the negative impact of violence against women in pursuit of political careers at all stages of their involvement in the political process is revealed.
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    MEDIA RELEASE: 2020-21 Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern Report

    Violence against women is a barrier to women entering Australian Politics The recent revelations of sexual harassment and assault within Parliament House in Canberra has exposed political organisations as unsafe workplaces, where violence against women in politics is commonplace. The Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern report to be released today paints a bleak picture of treatment of women in politics in Australia. It shows how experiences of abuse negatively impact women from when they are girls first expressing their interest in politics, to when they become women in senior public office. This has significantly limited the progress of women’s political representation and leadership in Australia.
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  • Upcoming events

    #Unladylike Ball

    When: Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 07:00 PM through September 19, 2021
    Where: Hobart Function Centre in Hobart, Australia

    Exciting news from our sisters in Tasmania.  The inaugural #Unladylike Ball is happening.  Thanks to the Tasmanian speaker, Michelle O'Byrne is of course proudly owning the intended chastisement and the Tas ELAG will be holding the first of our #Unladylike Awards.  Designed to reward "actions, attitudes or behaviours that do not conform to gender stereotypes of women and promote gender equality".  Stay tuned for further details of the awards, categories, and how to nominate.

    But you can book your tickets to attend now!

    Tickets:  "Wage Gapped" $150 for women, and $160.50 for men.  Includes 2 course dinner and beverages, Tassie premium. 

    WA: Connect and Celebrate Brunch

    When: Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 10:30 AM

    Celebration in WA: Fundraiser for Federal campaign

    ELA WA invite you to connect and celebrate our achievements in 2021.

    So far we have collectively achieved the election of 18 progressive Labor women candidates to the WA Parliament; Safe Access Zones legislation passed; and MP's infants are now welcomed into the Parliamentary Chambers!
    This in person celebration includes a buffet brunch as part of your ticket.

    Click here to book your ticket.

    All funds raise contribute to the Early Money fund for the Federal election campaign.