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    There is bipartisan agreement that the closure of the $111 billion (6.4% of GDP) arts and culture sector during COVID, with its extensive cancellation of events and performances, had an unprecedented impact. The closures effected the livelihoods of not only the artists but the workers in hospitality, production and venue management that support the arts and culture industry. Upward of 190,000 jobs, most of them casual positions held by women,are estimated to be impacted because of the shutdown*.
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    Who is defining merit?

    Recent reports that some in the Liberal party are finally considering the introduction of quotas has generated some discussion within EMILY’s List. Helen Creed was involved in negotiating the introduction of Affirmative Action (AA) Rules within both the ACTU and the ALP. She shares some reflections on the implementation.
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    Polka Dot Party - QLD

    When: Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 03:00 PM
    Where: Hanworth House

    Due to the current uncertainty of COVID19 restrictions in QLD, the committee regretfully has postponed this event until later in the year.

    Those who have booked tickets already will be contacted.


    It's Party Time!
    Lets celebrate the achievements of wonderful women and honour the legacy of Joan Kirner.

    • Relax and enjoy the evening lights rising over Brisbane at the beautiful Hanworth House
    • Dance to the music of Big Kitty.
    • Savour canapes and wine/soft drinks with the women of EMILY's List.
    • Put on your polka dots in a nod to Joan, the woman who never wore them but made them her own.