Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship

The Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship is an opportunity for young women to develop skills to become the next generation of progressive female MPs. An international political internship in the name of our first woman Prime Minister provides emerging women leaders the opportunity to learn from progressive political parties and institutions beyond Australia’s borders and establish international friendships important for their political careers. Further, it increases our knowledge of the types of support emerging women leaders need to become MPs, win elections and lead effectively. Our hope is that a future woman Prime Minister will be among the alumni of the Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship.

Interns research the strategies and policies in place around the world to get women elected. Interns examine world’s best policies and practice in the EMILY’s List core areas of childcare, equal pay, diversity and choice, and how advocating for such issues empowers women and gets them elected. The three-month internship includes a two-week placement overseas, 10 weeks in the EMILY’s List National Office in Melbourne or an interstate EMILY’s List MP’s or Senator’s office, and the production of a research report and presentation. The internship is part-time (except during times of interstate and international travel) of 1 day per week and is paid. Eligible applicants are women members of EMILY’s List Australia and the ALP aged between 21 and 30 years of age at 1st of January of the year of the internship.

2018: "The Glass Labyrinth: Increasing female political representation in Australia – lessons from New Zealand" by Elise Delpiano

2019: "A Truly Representative Democracy: Increasing the representation of Indigenous and culturally diverse women in Australian politics" by Stephanie Milione


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