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Our Team

Meet the team 

National Office Staff

Pamela Anderson - CEO

Pamela Anderson is a unionist, feminist, and entrepreneur with a passion for social justice and economic empowerment. With over two decades of experience in financial services, she has honed her expertise in navigating complex financial landscapes and empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals.

For eight years, Pamela successfully ran her own business, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills, and strategic vision. She is committed to advocating for the rights and fair treatment of workers across industries.

Pamela's feminist beliefs drive her dedication to promoting gender equality and dismantling systemic barriers that limit women's opportunities in the workforce and society at large. She champions policies and initiatives that empower women economically, socially, and politically, recognizing the integral role they play in building a more equitable world.

Bree Davis - CFO

Our finance officer has more than 20 years experience in bookkeeping and cash flow management. Bree is the director of Melbourne City Bookkeeping - a boutique and bespoke company of virtual assistants who handles all aspects of the administration spectrum from bookkeeping and tax returns to social media management and off site business management.



Kim Travers - Membership Officer

After joining the Australian Labour Party in the ‘90’s, it became obvious to Kim that women needed a fairer playing field to get preselected and supported into political office. Kim became an EMILY’s list member after learning about affirmative action, what had been achieved and the challenges still needing to be faced.

Kim has always been a Trade Union member and after many years of being a shop steward and delegate,  moved to Federal CPSU as an Organiser. Kim Travers has been an EMILY’s List volunteer in Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria for decades.

"My part time role as Membership officer is the most effective use of my organising, financial, training and theatrical skills I have acquired over the past 40 years."

Micaela Rynne - Communications Officer

Micaela graduated from her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Studies) from the University of Melbourne in 2022. She will be completing her Master of Marketing Communications in 2024.

Prior to working for ELA, Micaela worked for three years as a Front End and Online Supervisor at Woolworths, but completed many volunteer leadership roles.


National Committee 

ELAG = EMILY's List Action Group


Sharon Claydon MP

Finance & Governance Committee




Leigh Svendsen

Interim Treasurer

Finance & Governance Committee


Bridget Wardlaw
Public Officer/Secretary 

Finance & Governance Committee 



Sonja Terpstra MP
VIC ELAG Co-Convenor

Shara Speight
VIC ELAG Co-Convenor

Judy Waters 
ACT ELAG Co-Convenor 

Karen Churchill
ACT ELAG Co-Convenor

Emily Hamilton MP
WA ELAG Co-Convenor




Rhiannon James
TAS ELAG Co-Convenor

Anne Kennedy 
QLD ELAG Co-Convenor
Candidate Support Committee Chair

Tamika Hicks 
QLD ELAG Co-Convenor

Leonie Morgan AM
Co-Opted Member

            Candidate Support Committee                 Mentor Coordinator



Marjorie O'Neill MP
NSW ELAG Co-convenor 

Paige Sedgwick
NSW ELAG Co-convenor 


Heather Smith
NSW ELAG Co-convenor 

Georgie Corrie
NT ELAG Co-Convenor