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Corporate training

EMILY's List training provides cutting edge information to shape election outcomes and policy debates. Topics we focus on include:

  • Political skills
  • Strategic campaign planning
  • Government lobbying
  • Social change advocacy
  • Affirmative action strategies

Whether you are campaigning in your local community, advocating for better public policy, working in the corporate or community sectors or starting an election campaign, EMILY's List Australia's training has you covered.



'Empowering Women' – Professional Development Program
This program is aimed at any woman interested in a career in politics or any woman activist committed to influencing policy outcomes. It's also an opportunity for women to mentor each other in an open and generous manner. 

Suitable for women of all levels of political involvement including young women starting out in university politics, emerging party officials, experienced union organisers, retired campaign veterans or mid-career mums looking for a job change.

The training program is delivered by a cross-section of seasoned and savvy political operators. Past presenters include Mary Delahunty, Liberty Sanger, Anne Summers and Jill Hennessy. 


'Empowering the Community Sector'

This series is designed to give community sector leaders essential skills, insight and tips on how to successfully advocate for their organisation's key issues to be placed on the policy agenda.


'The Inside Edge' – Tailored Fee for Service Training

We also offer targeted, fee for service training in the political skills necessary to effect change. This training is available to people in the public, private, philanthropic and community sectors.
Some of the modules we can tailor to organisations and groups include:

  • Understanding Parliament and Government
  • An Introduction to Lobbying
  • Progressive Debate Framing
  • Managing the Media
  • Affirmative Action Strategies
  • Mentoring

To discuss how EMILY's List can assist your organisation, email us