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2002 EMILY Award joint winners Kay Setches and Judy Spence

Both winners are foundation members and inaugural national committee members of EMILY’s list who attended our national launch in Canberra on 11 November 1996.

Kay (a former Cain/Kirner Government Minister) is a Co-convener of the Victorian ELAG and, of course, is renowned for her exceptional fund raising ability and her membership recruitment capacity. These are extraordinary talents which have been generously shared Australia wide.

Judy (now a hardworking minister in the Beattie Government) was the linchpin that ensured Queensland launched its ELAG early in 1997. The fantastic election of so many new labour women to the parliament in 1998 and 2001 can, to a large extent, be attributed to Judy's strong support of EMILY’s list and affirmative action. She also recruited opposition leader Peter Beattie as a member of EMILY’s list in 1997.

As inaugural members both Kay and Judy have provided years of voluntary leadership and wisdom to EMILY’s list for which we thank them enormously .