About Us

Who is EMILY?

EMILY is an acronym which stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast – it makes the dough rise.

Giving women candidates financial support early in their campaigns provides them with the foundations on which to build a successful campaign and attract more financial support.


We are: lisa-and-lenny-small

  • Australia’s only financial, political and personal network for supporting progressive Labor women candidates into parliament
  • A non-profit, membership based organisation governed by a National Committee and run by a National Office.







We work to:

  • Increase the number of women MPs in our state, territory and federal parliaments to ensure Australia continues to move towards gender equality in our legislatures
  • Achieve a critical mass of EMILY’s List endorsed MPs committed to pursuing a progressive parliamentary agenda
  • Influence ALP policies relating to equity, diversity, choice, child care and equal pay
  • Ensure a pipeline of future women candidates by encouraging indigenous and young women to consider a parliamentary career


Since 1996, we have:

  • Supported more than 540 women to campaign
  • Assisted more than 235 women to become state, territory and federal MPs.

And our members have become:

  • Australia's first woman Prime Minister – Julia Gillard
  • First female Premier of Queensland – Anna Bligh
  • First female Chief Minister of the Northern Territory – Claire Martin
  • First female Premier of Tasmania – Lara Giddings
  • First of eight Indigenous women MPs – Carol Martin
  • First Indigenous woman Senator – Nova Peris


Our Constitution

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