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ACT Legislative Assembly Election - Endorsed Candidates

Candidates are listed in order of their electorates 

Endorsed Candidates

Sitting EMILY's List members seeking Re-election



Louise Crossman for Brindabella

Louise Crossman

Louise is your new Labor candidate in Brindabella.

She's a local mum living in Kambah, she plays hockey and loves sport, and she's an experienced community advocate.

Louise knows that only Labor has a vision for Canberra’s future. It's more than an infrastructure vision, because it goes to the heart of Canberra as a community.

It's about where Canberrans will live, how they will get around our city, and what people will do for work and for leisure. And Louise will make sure that we continue to be well-connected to jobs, to services, and to each other.

She's long been a big believer in making it easy for people to access government services, so she'll continue to advocate for policy solutions and infrastructure that provide this connection.

And she knows to make Labor’s broader vision a reality, we need representatives who are willing to listen, to advocate, and to make brave decisions.

Because by listening and understanding – we’ll make better decisions. All of Louise's experience through her professional life has been in listening and in advocacy.

And that’s why Louise's running as a Labor candidate for Brindabella.

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Caitlin Tough for Brindabella

Caitlin Tough

As a public health advocate, public servant and mum, Caitlin has the experience and understanding to be a fresh, local representative in Brindabella.

She's lived in Canberra and Tuggeranong for over a decade, moving here when she was 18. She's seen Canberra grow into a strong, vibrant and progressive city, and knows the best way to ensure that our city continues to grow and prosper is to re-elect an ACT Labor Government. 

In her mid-teens, Caitlin's mum was diagnosed with cancer and her dad travelled a lot for work. But her community was always there for her, helping keep her life as normal as possible so they could continue going to school and be kids. She'll never forget the support her community offered when she needed it most. That's why for Caitlin, community comes first - and why she'll always work to make her local Tuggeranong community even stronger.

Life experiences have also made her a passionate advocate for women’s health and economic empowerment. She's an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia, and works to help women get the recognition and treatment they need. Caitlin's seen first-hand the difference local health services make, and that's why she'll always work to make free public healthcare more accessible for every Canberran.

And as a working mum, she's acutely aware of the cost-of-living pressures facing families and the sometimes difficult choices that families face. She'll work to make sure that cost-of-living relief is real and accessible for those who need it, and listen to her community on the best way to deliver it.

And that's why Caitlin's running as a Labor candidate for Brindabella.

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Heidi Prowse OAM for Ginninderra

Heidi Prowse

Heidi’s journey in community advocacy began in Canberra, where she met her late husband Andrew who lived with cystic fibrosis. Despite knowing their time together would be short, Heidi became a passionate advocate for those with cystic fibrosis, raising $1 million as "Head Santa" in the Santa Speedo Shuffle fundraiser. 

At the same time, Heidi's worked to transform the reach and impact of non-profits. As CEO of MIEACT, she tripled mental health education services for Canberra's youth. This led to her recognition at the ACT Young Australian of the Year awards, and the ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year awards. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Heidi contributes to her community as a netball coach, a member of various health committees and panels, and a board member for local organisations. She's deeply committed to the well-being of her community, and has a proven track record of putting progressive ideas into practice. 

Heidi is taking a break from her current role as Executive Manager - Strategy & Impact for Capital Region Community Services, where she focuses on building community engagement and connection to services, to campaign as a Labor Candidate for Ginninderra in the upcoming 2024 ACT Election. 

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Aggi Court for Kurrajong

Aggi Court

Aggi lives in Downer with her partner and dachshunds. She is working on a PhD, and has a keen interest in gender equality and industrial relations.

She's passionate about workers' rights and previously worked hard to represent the rights of public servants in the ACT as an industrial officer at the CPSU. She is dedicated to improving the pay and conditions of workers, and making sure people have opportunities to thrive in the ACT.

Aggi currently works for the CFMEU as a research and policy officer, helping develop progressive public policy to increase public housing, make workplaces safer and address gender inequality at work. 

And as a young renter, she gets the challenges in the local housing market - because she knows first-hand what it's like. That's why she's focused on expanding renters' rights and housing affordability.

From standing up for workers to her experiences as a renter - she knows what progressive and practical change looks like, and the difference it makes.

And that's why Aggi's running as a Labor candidate for Kurrajong.


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Marina Talevski for Kurrajong

Marina Talevski

Marina has dedicated over a decade to social policy and community/government services in Canberra– across homeless shelters, in the public service, as a government adviser and as a psychology and mental health researcher.

Her journey is driven by a belief in the power of government to transform lives for the better, especially for the most vulnerable in our community.

While we are fortunate as Canberrans to enjoy the incredible city that we have created, there is certainly more to do.

She understands from experience that there are no easy fixes to the challenges we face as a community. The only way to succeed is to work together, and to have more diverse voices and experiences at the table.

Using the experience of a Labor government, the strength of Labor values, and the compassion of Canberrans, Marina pledges to boldly tackle the challenges in our community head on.

Her priority is to keep Canberra progressive, and to work closely with the community to build a city that is more equitable, vibrant and inclusive than ever before, for generations to come.

A vote for Marina is a vote a new, bolder and more diverse generation of Labor.

And that's why Marina's running as a Labor candidate for Kurrajong.

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Noor El-Asadi for Murrumbidgee

Noor El-Asadi

Born in Iraq, Noor grew up in Denmark after her family was forced into political exile. Later, she would migrate to Australia with her partner and start a family here in Canberra with her three kids.

It was here that a great public education gave Noor and her family a chance to make a life together. She received her Year 12 Certificate at TAFE and a Diploma from the University of Canberra. She's currently studying her Bachelor Degree there too, while her three kids go to their local public school.

Noor knows the difference a good, public education can make - because she's lived it, and she sees it in her kids every day. That's why she'll always stand up for fully funding our public schools and work to make sure that every child has every chance to learn - no matter their background.

And with a young family and kids in sport, she knows how important free, public healthcare is for Canberrans. From the Weston Creek Walk-in Centre to more specialists and healthcare workers in our hospitals, Noor will listen and work to make sure every family can get the healthcare they need, closer to home.

Knowing from experience that it's not always easy migrating to a new country, Noor supports newly arrived migrants and refugees to access the services they need. She'll will always listen and work to give back to her community.

And that's why Noor's running as a Labor candidate for Murrumbidgee.


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Anna Whitty for Murrumbidgee

Anna Whitty

Anna was born on Ngunnawal country, and although her family moved around on postings growing up, Canberra has always been home.

She's a qualified early childhood teacher and has worked directly with children in early childhood centres. It’s one of the most important roles in our country - yet she'd watch educators join the sector, hopeful and ambitious, only to have the reality of their pay and conditions make it untenable for them to stay. Our children deserve the best education, which requires a stable, professional workforce receiving fair pay and conditions. That's why Anna joined her union and started advocating for children and her co-workers.

Then, as a CEO of a community organisation here in Canberra, Anna learnt how important good and rigorous governance is, and supported teams to make a difference in our community. She's fought for the people in our community who need our support, from birth to end of life. She believes in always acting with integrity, standing up for people, and fighting for fairness and justice.

And that's why Anna's running as a Labor candidate for Murrumbidgee.

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Mallika Raj for Yerrabi

Mallika Raj

Mallika's a lifelong Gungahlin resident, a small business owner and a professional healthcare advocate.

She's seen Yerrabi flourish into Canberra’s most thriving electorate, and sees every day around her the difference that community and opportunity make. That's why she'll work to make sure every Canberran has the community services they need, and the chance to get ahead in life.

Through Mallika's small business, she works with patients to help them get better health outcomes. She knows from experience that when small business and government work together, they can get a lot done.

As a professional healthcare advocate, Mallika works to make sure Australians have access to affordable medicines. She knows the difference practical measures like this make to families doing it tough. That's why she'll work to make sure Canberrans can get the healthcare they need, closer to home. 

Following in her parents’ footsteps - people of modest means who believed that a life of serving others was a life well lived, she'll always stand-up for her community and work to make it even better.

And that's why Mallika's running as a Labor candidate for Yerrabi.

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Current EMILY's List members seeking Re-election 

Tara Cheyne
Tara Cheyne
Member for Ginninderra
Elected 2016

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yvette berry
Yvette Berry
Member for Ginninderra
Elected 2012

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 Rachel Stephen-Smith
Rachel Stephen-Smith
Member for Kurrajong
Elected 2016

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Marisa Paterson
Member for Murrumbidgee
Elected 2020

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Suzanne Orr
Suzanne Orr
Member for Yerrabi
Elected 2016

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