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Campaign equality essential for Labor to win in 2022

Today we release the summary of your feedback on Labor’s federal election campaign. The report Target the message: Gender learnings from the Federal Election Campaign 2019 was submitted to the Weatherill and Emerson Review.

There is a very clear message for the review panel: there is a fantastic women’s policy agenda that failed to be communicated to the Australian voters. We commend the extensive work of the Labor Women’s Caucus and the many members and staff who contributed to “Labor’s Plan for Equality”.

The Labor Party presented arguably the most comprehensive plan ever for Australian women, but it continues to underestimate and under resource campaigns that communicate directly to women and therefore win their vote.

Our ten recommendations to the review can be summarised as:

  1. Keep the women’s policy and communicate it better to win government
  2. Invest in gender gap research in partnership with ELA and National Labor Women’s Network activists
  3. Ensure sex-disaggregated polling is shared with candidates to tailor the messaging
  4. Prioritise winning the women’s vote in all aspects of digital and other campaign material
  5. Increase the numbers of women in campaign decision-making and staffing
  6. Build a National Gender-Based Campaign Alliance
  7. Develop a strategic and operational plan to implement the policy platform
  8. Conduct all campaign reviews in accordance with the ALP's Affirmative Action commitments, including chairs and committee members
  9. Develop resource kits to assist all candidates to communicate reproductive freedom for women
  10. Meet with ELA to discuss recommendations of the 2019 Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship for increasing culturally diverse backgrounds of candidates and members.

We thank the many of you who took the time to share your experiences, concerns and recommendations for future campaigns and will pursue the recommendations on your behalf at every opportunity.

Read the Executive Summary of the Submission by clicking here.


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