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2020 MOLLY Winner Angela Mudford

Angela MudfordAngela Mudford is an outstanding example of those generous women who give their time and expertise to EMILY’s List in a moment of great need. In the true spirit of a volunteer, Angela came into our office almost two years ago with a simply offer to help in our National Office in her spare time.

Since then Angela has become invaluable with her communications and computer skills. Initially  she undertook a much needed but tedious task in updating our membership numbers in the data base. This was a complex technical job and was handled with great care to ensure all potential information was migrated successfully with all the existing anomalies and history intact.

Following this Angela worked closely with our communications officer to imbed into our website a complete update of the history of candidates and Members of Parliament prior to 2020, and the Our People content. It is her role in establishing and curating the new online EMILY’s Journal that has had the most impact on our communications. Her
expert interviewing, editing and eye for a great story has been integral in telling our story.

It has always been a pleasure to have Angela as part of our office team, assisting with calls, data collection and system tracking; her ability to focus and quietly get the job done has been deeply appreciated. Angela is a remarkable communicator and has imbued immense confidence in all her interactions which has made a tremendous contribution to the success of ELA online presence.