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Aston By-Election

Mary Doyle, Candidate for Aston

My name is Mary Doyle and I’m the Labor candidate for Aston in the upcoming by-election.

I grew up in housing commission, I’m the youngest of nine kids to a mum who’s now in Aged Care. I have two kids myself and I care for another. I’ve been a call centre worker, a cleaner, a singer in a band, and helped working families for most of my working life.

The choice is clearer between a Prime Minister who is delivering a positive plan for all Australians or Peter Dutton, who only offers a return to that divisive, cold and careless past.

I’ll be out every day to give Aston voters the news we couldn’t give them in 2022 – that they have a government right now acting on climate change, dealing with the rising costs of living, making energy bills cheaper and creating history with a Voice to Parliament for First Nations Australians.

I want to be a part of making that positive change happen for Aston and for our country. 

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