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Feminism can be funny – really, it can...

This Thursday evening in Melbourne, a team of popular feminist women will go head-to-head with a team of political men in a comedic battle of wit to decide who are the better feminists.

The first ever EMILY’s Great Debate will use comedy to discuss gender equity and quotas for women with the men and women trying to out-feminist the other.

As captain of the women’s team, Tanja Kovac, writer and feminist warrior, will be joined by Mich-Elle Myers, ALP Vice President and Maritime Union of Australia National Officer and Nina Taylor, Member for the Southern Metropolitan Region in the Victorian Legislative Council.

They will test their oratory prowess against the men’s team captained by Will Fowles, Member for Burwood, with Dustin Halse, Member for Ringwood and Lloyd Williams, Health Services Union National Secretary.

“Our male feminist allies might be just as enthusiastic about gender fairness as we are but I'm looking forward to Thursday night to help them take their thinking to the next level!” Nina Taylor MP, arguing for the women's team.

“No matter who wins the debate on the night, putting gender on the agenda and bringing men into discussion about feminism means everyone is a winner,” Tanja Kovac, National Co-Convenor, EMILY’s List Australia.

Now operating for 23 years, EMILY’s List Australia continues to provide mentoring, training and campaign support to help progressive Labor women win elections.

EMILY’s Great Debate
6.30pm – 8.00pm
Thursday 11 April 2019
Carson Conference Centre
535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Tickets are on sale at

Media Contact: Tanja Kovac, EMILY’s List Australia National Co-Convenor / Mobile: 0419 910 577 / Email: [email protected]

EMILY’s List Australia is a financial and political support network for progressive Labor women candidates, providing financial support, training, mentoring and gender gap research. Follow us on Twitter:


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