HERStory Exhibition - Celebrating 25 Years

Preserving our place in history is essential.

EMILY’s List members, candidates and MPs have had an incredible impact on bringing about legislative and policy change of benefit to women, children and families. Substantial progress has been made in the areas of abortion law reform, gender equality, women’s health and safety, paid parental leave, equal pay, early childhood education and care.

Celebrating the achievements of 25 years is an important contribution to acknowledge the women who have created significant change in Australian politics, and to highlight the impact of a “by women, for women ” organisation. HERStory is the telling of the EMILY’s List story. 

EMILY’s List has worked with Her Place Women’s Museum Australia to develop an exhibition to showcase our history.

The HERStory exhibition and companion booklet brings together much of the work from our publications such as Housebound, newsletters and annual reports. It also draws upon the many media reports, submissions to parliaments, public events, correspondence with candidates, members of parliament and the Australian Labor Party, and the boundless work of both ELA staff and the committee volunteers which supports endorsed women to get elected.

The exhibition opens Friday 08 April 2022 and will run until 02 July 2022

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Public programs 

As part of the exhibition, we will be running a series of public 

How to get elected: What makes a good leader, and the importance of women’s voices at all decision-making tables.

A forum that builds on 25 years of experience of EMILY's List Australia. Join with us and our expert panel to learn about what makes a good leader, and the importance of women's voices at all decision-making tables. When women support women, everyone wins.

Her Place Women’s Museum Australia
Saturday 30 April, 2pm

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Why Affirmative Action? The difference between targets, quotas, and merit.
Her Place Women’s Museum Australia
Thursday 2 June, 6pm

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Thank you for your support of EMILY's List and the HERStory Project.