HERStory Project - Celebrating 25 Years

Preserving our place in history is essential.

EMILY’s List members, candidates and MPs have had an incredible impact on bringing about legislative and policy change of benefit to women, children and families. Substantial progress has been made in the areas of abortion law reform, gender equality, women’s health and safety, paid parental leave, equal pay, early childhood education and care.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we are launching the HERStory Project to collect our stories and achievements.

HERStory will ensure our place in history is available to inspire and educate the next generation of progressive Labor women.

EMILY’s List is delighted to be collaborating with Her Place Women’s Museum Australia to showcase our history.

We are collecting the memories of members and supporters to preserve their extraordinary work and inspire the next generation of women.

What will happen to the stories?

The memories will be published on the EMILY’s List website. As part of our anniversary celebration, we will be collating a selection of stories for a commemorative booklet.

Her Place will host an exhibition to share our stories and will assist in creating an educational program and archive.  The collection will be digitized and be widely accessible.

We need you to get involved!

Tell your story

Would you like to share your recollections and reflections of the EMILY's List Australia journey?

We want to hear about the women and events that have shaped our organisation.

Do you want to celebrate someone's contribution? We are looking for written contributions up to 1000 words. Submit your story 

Need some guidance? You may prefer to answer our short questionnaire

Make a donation

Are you in a position to make a financial contribution to ensure we document the EMILY’s List story. Donating to this project helps us shape the future by knowing the past. Make a donation online 

Her Place is a registered charity. All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.


Do you have time to contribute? We may need assistance to liaise with member and their memories. Join the HERStory Project team.

Thank you for your support of EMILY's List and the HERStory Project.