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Northern Territory Election 2024

Candidates are listed in order of their electorates 

Endorsed Candidates

Sitting EMILY's List members seeking Re-election



Dani Eveleigh for Blain

Dani Eveleigh

Dani Eveleigh is Labor’s candidate for the electorate of Blain in Palmerston. She is a long term Territorian, having lived in Palmerston for 21 years, and has a huge passion and commitment for our community.

Dani and her husband Ashley have called the Driver community home for 18 years now raising their two children, Amelia 12 and Sebastian 10.

Elected as a Palmerston City Councillor in 2021, Dani has become a familiar face in the community, known for her hands-on approach to resolving issues and improving services for Palmerston residents.

Dani's academic achievements, including a Bachelor of Business and multiple certifications in training, human resources, and retail management, complement her ongoing studies in completing her Law Degree.

Her professional career has been mostly within leadership roles in human resources, industrial relations, and change management, primarily within the non-profit sector and government agencies.

Dani's professional ethos is built on transparency, accountability, diversity, and inclusion, principles she pledges to uphold in her service to Blain.

A passionate advocate for mental health, veterans' welfare, and suicide prevention, Dani's role in coordinating Walking Off The War Within annual suicide prevention walk, highlights her dedication to these critical issues. Through this initiative, she not only honours the memory of fallen service members but actively contributes to the support of veterans, first responders, and their families within the Northern Territory.

Understanding the complexities of healthcare firsthand, Dani is driven by her personal experience of navigating services for children with special needs. It is through these experiences that Dani is motivated in her mission to streamline healthcare services and enhance program accessibility for individuals and families.

As a volunteer Dani has held significant positions in various non-profit organisations, contributing her time, energy, and expertise to causes close to her heart.  She has been Vice-President on the Asthma Foundation NT, a member of the Palmerston Rovers Football Club Committee, and a committee member for Ruby Gaea. Currently, Dani holds the position of Public Officer with Autism NT and has been on the Board of Top End Women Legal Service for seven years.

You’ll also regularly find her running water for the Palmerston Magpies U12 girls.

Dani has a belief in the power of education and employment and is passionate about working with the community to ensure our youth have the self-belief needed to keep them engaged.

Dani is driven by a deep-rooted belief in community, service, and the potential for positive change in Blain. She will bring her extensive experience, community ties and passionate advocacy to this year’s Territory election, a reflection of her life's work. This is her commitment to making the electorate of Blain, the City of Palmerston and the whole Northern Territory an even better place to live, work, and play.

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Allison Bitar for Braitling

Allison Bitar

This territory election, the candidate for Braitling is Alice Springs Town Council Deputy Mayor, Allison Bitar.

Having served on the Alice Springs Town Council since 2021, Allison is a fierce advocate for getting Alice Springs working and a local business owner who delivers grass roots solutions.

Allison and her husband run two businesses and raise their three children in the Red Centre because they know Alice Springs has immense potential.

Having delivered multiple working opportunities for the Alice Springs community, Allison has also been the volunteer coordinator of the Nappy Collective and a member of the NT Heritage Council and the Development Consent Authority, representing Alice Springs at a Territory level.

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Sheralee Taylor for Namatjira

Sheralee TaylorLabor's candidate for Namatjira is local Arrernte woman Sheralee Taylor.

A local community advocate Sheralee is a mother of two and has spent her life giving back to Alice Springs and remote communities.

Focusing on Aboriginal health, Sheralee has spent 15 years working in the sector, and worked on the CAAMA sports team, which included commentating local and AFL games in the Territory.

Sheralee is currently completing a Bachelor of Business Administration with University Technology Sydney.

Fostering community spirit is how Sheralee became the first female premiership coach in the CAWFL.

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Current EMILY's List members seeking Re-election 

Ngaree Ah Kit
Ngaree Ah Kit
Member for Karama
Elected 2016

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Natasha Fyles
Natasha Fyles
Member for Nightcliff
Elected 2012

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 Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss
Member for Casuarina
Elected 2014

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Kate Worden
Kate Worden
Member for Sanderson
Elected 2016

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Selena Uibo
Selena Uibo
Member for Arnhem
Elected 2016

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