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Cultural change takes time - our work is not done.

Paul Keating backed in the formation of EMILY's List Australia as Prime Minister. It was hard to dismiss the logic of Joan Kirner and the other women who identified the need to break the bias of a party selecting mostly men in winnable seats. 

Introducing gender equality measures and creating cultural change is difficult.

Affirmative action was an extremely hard fought achievement. Some 27 years ago, at a time when gender inequality was not in the public spotlight, it took vision, certainty of purpose and tenacity.

But it was more than quota's alone. Women then, as now, are supported by EMILY's List to stand for election. 

When we started only 14% of the ALP  Federal caucus were women. The number today is approaching 50% across most parliaments, and even exceeding that target in some. We've come a long way!

EMILY's List is in our 25th year. Cultural change takes time, determination and persistence. It takes insightful men like Paul Keating in positions of influence to be supporters and advocates, but mostly it takes women supporting women. 

The work continues. Right now we are supporting women in the Tasmanian State Election. 

Its a pity this recent article in the Australian didn't include the voices of any of the EMILY's List women who founded, benefited or are being supported today in the quest for equal representation.

As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are planning activities to ensure our many achievements are acknowledged, recorded and celebrated.

Stay tuned.


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