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Aged care is one of the big feminist issues of our time

Meredith Burgmann has wrote this opinion piece on the day the Royal Commission into Aged Care was released. A farcical press conference was given at the same time as the public release of the report so journalist had no time to prepare. Scrutiny will come.
Regulation and accountability will be key, but who in this Government can we trust to implement the recommendations?

This is another issue where women are most impacted, both as residents in care - we live longer, as care givers in aged care facilities - its a female dominated workforce, and as the major care givers within the family context.

As Meredith states - "Women in Australia consistently spend 64.4 per cent of their day on unpaid care work compared with 36.1 per cent for men. More specifically, the hours spent caring for adult family members has doubled for women over the past year."
Once again, we despair that the Morrison Government has

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