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Women unite in anger to march on Parliament and across the nation

Women across Australia are saying #EnoughIsEnough
We refuse to wait over 100 years to reach gender equality at the current rate of change. We demand our human right to live free from violence and discrimination. 

Tanja Kovac explains in this article just some of the reasons why the current outrageous situation in our nations parliament has led to the tipping point.

Once again women, non-binary persons and male allies will rally to demand action. The Women’s March for Justice has a list of demands for the Prime Minister that include:

  • Independent investigations into all cases of gendered violence in parliaments
  • MP codes of conduct that require mandatory sexual harassment training of all parliamentarians and their staff
  • The enactment of a federal Gender Equality Act to promote equality and respect in Australia
  • Lifting public funding for gendered violence prevention to world’s best practice standards of 9-12 per cent of response expenditure
  • For all Australian parliaments to be gender equal by 2030.

The Women’s March for Justice is taking place on March 15 at in cities across Australia, as well as online to enable COVID-19 safe participation. It is open to all people.

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