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Endorsed Candidates Tasmanian State Election

Candidates are listed in order of their electorates 

Endorsed Candidates

Sitting EMILY's List members seeking Re-election



Melissa Anderson for Bass

Melissa Anderson is a proud Northern Tasmanian who was born and raised in Launceston, and works in customer service, mainly dealing with people in the agriculture and construction industries. 

Melissa knows firsthand the difficulties facing young people, especially finding affordable long-term rental housing in the middle of a housing and cost-of-living crisis. 

Melissa comes from a family of educators and understands the importance of higher education and housing to give people the opportunities they deserve in their local area. 

Melissa is also passionate about healthcare, and wants to see members of her community able to access affordable and timely healthcare close to where they live - especially those who need to see specialists and those who can’t afford private health insurance. 

She is also a big advocate for mental health support access, particularly for those in marginalised groups. 

Melissa believes everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed in life and will fight for a better deal for members of her community and all Tasmanians. 

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Danielle Kidd for Braddon

Danielle Kidd

Danielle Kidd was born and raised in Burnie and is a proud North West coaster. She has worked tirelessly for the people of the North West and is passionate about standing up for locals, especially those struggling during the health, housing and cost-of-living crisis. Her discussions with locals have strengthened her resolve to help members of her community who are having to make tough decisions to make ends meet.

Danielle’s background in leadership, policy development and project management means she is committed to getting things done and ensuring people’s voices are heard. She is running for election because she wants to make a difference for her community. Danielle will be a strong voice for Braddon region on the issues that matter such as cost of living, health, housing, education and jobs.

Danielle believes she has the right mix of energy, experience and strong Labor values to represent the people of Braddon.

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Samantha Facey for Braddon

Samantha Facey

Samantha Facey was inspired to enter politics while representing her colleagues as a quality assessor and union delegate at McCain’s Smithton factory. 

Samantha believes the people of the North West need better representation as they struggle with the cost of power, the cost of groceries, the cost of petrol and the overall cost of living. 

Samantha understands the devastating impact the soaring cost of living is having on families and businesses in the Circular Head Region and wants to effectively represent and help people who are struggling every day. 

Samantha is a big supporter of a cap on power prices, having seen many people in her community choosing between putting food on the table or keeping the lights on. 

She wants to see Tasmanians pay a Tasmanian price for Tasmanian power, instead of paying mainland prices for our own resource. 

Samantha is a proud member of the North West community and believes the region and other Tasmanians struggling to make ends meet need representatives who put them first, instead of the high end of town.

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Rebecca Prince for Clark

Rebecca Prince

Rebecca Prince has spent 15 years working in the Federal Public Service, interacting with the most vulnerable people in our society and working to improve their lives.

Rebecca lives with a disability and is uniquely placed to advocate on behalf of people whose voices are not often heard in the corridors of power.

Rebecca is driven by the challenges she has encountered as a deaf woman and is passionate about issues affecting others living with a disability, as well as working to improve the housing and homelessness crisis and the treatment of women.

Both her own work and lived experience fighting to be seen and heard, have given her an enormous insight into the need for affordable and accessible healthcare, and in particular, the need for vastly improved mental health care.

As well as reducing waitlists for government housing and emergency crisis accommodation, Rebecca is determined to play a role in achieving gender equality and working to end the scourge of violence against women.

Rebecca knows there is much work to be done to achieve true equality, but believes this can be achieved by working together with business and the community to close the gender pay gap, reduce violence against women, reach equal representation in leadership roles and achieve real improvements in health and wellbeing.


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Susan Wallace for Clark

Susan Wallace for Clark

Susan Wallace is an experienced media advisor and communications professional, with a passion for social justice, the arts and a deep love of Tasmania.

With a professional career spanning acting, singing, producing, editing, union and political advice, project management and workplace mediation, Susan has broad and detailed knowledge of policy and political processes and a deep understanding of the social issues that affect them.

Susan is passionate about equality, opportunity for all, education, the environment and integrity and she is committed to using the skills she has developed during her long and varied career to make a difference and help people who need it the most.

Susan led the campaign for improved asbestos safety in Tasmania, including the establishment of the Tasmanian Asbestos Diseases Compensation Scheme, and her advocacy work is influenced by her belief in the importance of listening, supporting and empowering people to tell their story.

Inspired by the things that are lacking in our society and energised by innovative thinking, Susan wants to rebuild public faith in our political and government institutions, achieve greater transparency, and strengthen our education system to remove the obstacles that prevent many Tasmanians from realising their full potential

Susan is also eager to use her skills to improve the availability of quality mental health support and improve health services, particularly in regional areas, and build and strengthen our communities to make Tasmania a fairer, better place for everyone.

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Ebony Altimira for Franklin

Ebony Altimira

Ebony has an extensive background in business and sport, including leadership roles in both, and was the first woman president of any member union for rugby in Australia.

Ebony is passionate about equality, creating opportunities for all and with her vast experience supporting diversity in both her sporting and business career, she wants to do the same for the Tasmanian community.

Having been a single mother Ebony understands the pressures from the cost of living and complexities of returning to the workforce and navigating childcare.

In her role as Tasmanian Rugby Union president and CEO, Ebony has been
instrumental in breaking down some of the barriers to women’s involvement and participation in traditionally male-dominated sport. Such was her impact on the sport, Rugby Australia awared Ebony the Nick Farr-Jones Spirit of Rugby award for significant contribution to the development, promotion, and advancement of Rugby in Australia.

Ebony is an experienced business leader and manager, with 20 years experience in financial services, specialising in Change and Business Transformation, working closely with stakeholders to identify opportunities and put them into practice.

As well as having a deep understanding of providing solutions to complex problems, Ebony knows the importance of leading people through inspiration, and there is no doubt Tasmania will benefit having her as a Member of Parliament.


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Meg Brown for Franklin

Meg Brown

I'm Meg Brown and I am seeking your number [1] vote at the next state election. I was born and raised in Franklin where I live with my partner and two young children.

As you local representative I will fight for:

- Ensuring Tasmanians pay Tasmanian prices for Tasmanian power
- Lower the cost of housing
- Make it easier to get childcare when you have to work
- Cut the little costs that add up for parents
- Help students make ends meet

I have managed small businesses and for the past five years worked as an Electorate Officer in Franklin. This is more than a job; it's a commitment to advocating for our community. Understanding people’s needs and being a voice for those who may not have one has been both humbling and rewarding. My work reflects a sense of community, responsibility, and the belief that positive change is can happen.

After noticing a lack of grassroots netball, I co-founded the Eastern Shore Jets. This came out of a desire to create a positive impact. It has been about more than the game; it's about community, teamwork, health and providing a space for people to come together.

The people of Franklin deserve better than 10 years of an out-of-touch, tired Liberal Government. I am ready to be a new voice with the energy needed for Franklin.

Its time for a better future.

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Carole McQueeny for Lyons

Carole McQueeny

Carole wants Tasmanians to have the healthcare, disability support and education that they deserve. She has spent decades working towards just that. She has a wealth of experience, and a long record of getting things done in these areas.

Carole is a registered nurse. She has worked across hospital, emergency, aged care and community areas. She has also been a healthcare manager, leading health services, regulation and health reforms.  And she's been involved in health at the national, state and local government levels. So she knows how the health system works and how it can be improved.

She is a registered teacher and qualified vocational trainer, and has worked in secondary schools, TAFE and Tasmanian industry.

A 6th generation Tasmanian and a proud Lyons resident, Carole is a single mum who lives on Tassie’s beautiful east coast with her daughter. She lives and breathes rural life and understands rural concerns that effect the Lyons electorate. She serves as a Councillor on the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, and is passionate about contributing to her community. 

Carole is a qualified company director and has served on various boards, such as the Disability Voices Tasmania and the Postgraduate Medical Education Council. She is particularly passionate about ensuring that opportunity, access and respect are equally available to Tasmanians with disability.

Carole's qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Diploma of Education, Master of Public Administration, Master of Information Systems and Graduate Certificate of Health Economics.

She is running for Lyons because she wants to bring her extensive experience and skills, and long-term commitment to improving Tasmanians’ lives, into our parliament and Tasmania’s public decision making.

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Current EMILY's List members seeking Re-election 

Michelle O'Byrne
Member for Bass
Elected 2006

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Anita Dow
Member for Braddon
Elected 2018

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Ella Haddad
Member for Clark
Elected 2018

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Rebecca White
Member for Lyons
Leader of the Tasmanian Labor Party
Elected 2010
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Jen Butler
Member for Lyons
Elected 2018

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