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Empowering pharmacies to prescribe abortion pill ‘worth exploring’: Emily’s List

July 14, 2023

An influential group of female Labor members is calling on the government to consider further broadening access to the abortion pill and allowing pharmacists to prescribe it without a script from a doctor or...

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Know Who You're Voting For

November 08, 2022

KNOW WHO YOU'RE VOTING FOR AT THIS UPCOMING ELECTION AT THIS ELECTION, YOUR VOTE IS YOUR POWER.  There are parties out there that want to take a woman's right to chose away. This page...

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Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern to research the gendered dynamics of ‘care’’ in parliament, households and policy making.

November 04, 2022

Many Australians are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, especially women whose economic security has been significantly impacted. International evidence demonstrates that women have taken on a disproportionate responsibility for caring during and...

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