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Good policy for women comes when women's voices are heard.

EMILY’s List provides ongoing support to women who want to make a difference. We have supported more than 550 candidates in state and federal Claire Mooreelections and helped elect more than 270 EMILY’s List women to our Parliaments. Our MPs have had an incredible impact, bringing about legislative and policy change to benefit women, children and families.

Former senator Claire Moore is a founding member of EMILY's List, former National CoConvenor, an EMILY’s Angel and active EMILY’s List candidate mentor. She is a champion for the rights of women, the status and pay of carers and a tireless warrior against poverty and disadvantage, here in Australia and internationally.

"It's our responsibility to ensure progress impacts on everyone. Equality is for all." Claire Moore

Throughout her parliamentary career, Senator Moore advocated strongly for an inclusive parliament that reflects our community. One of her significant parliamentary achievements, was to co-sponsor the 2005 Bill to remove the Federal Health Minister’s capacity to veto the availability of RU486. Given only 46% of male parliamentarians voted in favour of the bill, this is an outstanding example of women in parliament across party lines making a difference, as women, for women.

Senator Moore’s Parliamentary committee work was the opportunity to hear from people who care deeply about issues which affect them. Her committee work was crucial in addressing inequalities and disadvantage in our communities and, in mental health area and women's gynaecological cancer, changed lives. “It was a privilege”, she says, “I've been shocked, angered, inspired and challenged. So many amazing policies, so many programs, so many royal commissions, have come from the work of the committees.”

Since retiring from Parliament in 2019, Claire continues her advocacy, promoting the participation of women in politics. As a part of this work, she shares her valuable skills and experiences as aDr Kyi Moet Moet Lwin and Claire Moore mentor in the Women Supporting Women: Myanmar Parliamentarians Mentoring Program. Co-ordinated by International Women’s Development Agency, and based on extensive learnings from EMILY’s List’s candidate mentoring, this program matches Australian women MPs with Myanmar women to support them to become even more effective and successful in their parliamentary work.

“Mentors provide support and challenge. The political workplace focuses on personal success and achievement in a public, competitive environment where it can be difficult to find safe, honest, and private support.’” Former Senator Claire Moore

Research clearly shows society benefits when women are elected, however the parliamentary journey may not be for everyone. There are many opportunities to influence policy and continue the fight for equality. We need progressive women participating in all levels of policy decision making, ensuring our voices are heard at all levels of the democratic system. From organisers, senior administrator, branch leader or state presidents, Ms Moore urges women to get involved in whatever capacity suits their skills and ambitions.

“My goal is that our parliament reflects our community. Everybody who is an Australian citizen should feel as though they can serve in parliament.”
Valedictory Speech Sen Claire Moore

EMILY’s List provides ongoing support to women who want to make a difference. Fundamental to the success of our candidate is your financial support. If you are in a position to do so, please donate to candidates in the upcoming NT, ACT, QLD and WA elections.

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