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Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern to research the gendered dynamics of ‘care’’ in parliament, households and policy making.

Many Australians are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, especially women whose economic security has been significantly impacted. International evidence demonstrates that women have taken on a disproportionate responsibility for caring during and after the pandemic.

The Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship 2022 recipient Jananie Janarthana has undertaken bold, pertinent research; where she has investigated how women and men can both share responsibility of ‘care’ in parliament, households and policy making space collectively. Jananie has interviewed MPs, Senators, academics and leading thinkers in Australia on early childhood, care economies and workforce. Jananie completed an overseas placement where she compared and studied research around the ‘Care economy’’ In the United Kingdom.

Jananie brings her community organising, policy, governance and campaigning skills from her career as a unionist at the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and as a board director for ActionAid Australia. Jananie is currently at the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney where she works with government, civil society and academics to foster collaboration for real world- policy impact. Her internship continues EMILY’s List Australia and Ms Gillard’s commitment to foster the next generation of talented progressive women leaders.

Quote from Ms Julia Gillard

“A robust and healthy democracy needs diverse representation, which includes fifty percent of the population - women. A major roadblock for greater participation of women in the workforce remains the disproportionate amount of responsibility women shoulder in unpaid caring roles. This has only been exacerbated by the global pandemic, with women taking on more unpaid labour in the home and leaving the paid workforce in greater numbers. A total rethink of the policies, structures and cultural attitudes toward ‘care’ are needed if we are ever to see any lasting change that will alleviate the burdens on women and enable them to reach, and smash through those highest glass ceilings.

“I wish Janine all the best with her internship and look forward to the insights she can provide from her research.”

Quote from Ms Sharon Claydon, National Co-Convenor of EMILY’s List Australia 

“Under the Coalition government Australia has plummeted to 50th position in the Global Gender Gap Index – our worst result ever. With a massive back slide in women’s economic participation and opportunity, women’s health and survival, and women’s political empowerment, gender equality is going backwards fast in Australia. That’s why we need more women in public office at all levels of government.

Emily's List is supporting the next generation of Labor women to have the skills and the support to step up and succeed in politics. We believe that having more women at all levels of the decision-making process creates real social change. But to do this, we need to acknowledge the very real caring responsibilities and unpaid labour that disproportionately falls to women each and every day, regardless of the nature of their "paid" work.

Women's issues are everyone's issues so I offer my sincere congratulations to Jananie on being this year's intern, and for highlighting such an important, and often overlooked subject matter. I look forward to this issue being brought to the forefront of our conversations in the hope that it will influence policy and ultimately remove the barriers for women in politics, business, and life.”


EMILYs List would like to thank the Australian Workers Union and Slater and Gordon Lawyers for their continued leadership in supporting the internship and sharing our vision.

EMILY’s List will be presenting the Completed report at a cocktail function on the 17th October 2022 with Ms Gillard in attendance. Tickets are available NOW through the EMILY’s List website.

Media Contact: Pamela Anderson, CEO EMILYs List Australia 0420 981 508 / [email protected]

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