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Mentoring with EMILY's List - a real experience

You don’t know what you don’t know and when it comes to getting active in politics, that unknown could be the difference in the success of your campaign.

For almost 25 years, EMILY’s List endorsed candidates have been offered the opportunity to be matched with an experienced EMILY'S List mentor for advice and support during election campaign.

In the 2018 South Australian election, Angela Vaughn stood for the seat of Colton and was mentored by former Victorian MP, Janice Munt. Angela shares her mentoring experience.

Mentoring with Janice Munt – no ordinary individual!

My mentoring experience with Janice was the absolute pinnacle of the whole candidacy rollercoaster ride. The minute she walked in the joint, with red lipstick and black leather cut off gloves, I could tell that Janice Munt was no ordinary individual. She was instantly warm and oozed purposeful intention.

Angela Vaughn enjoyed the mentor experience
Angela Vaughn

I was running in a marginally Liberal seat. I was matched with Janice as she had also represented a marginal seat, Electoral district of Mordialloc in Victoria. While I had thrown my name in for pre-selection without much experience of party politics, Janice was a veteran. After growing up spending time in the Hawke household, Janice served two terms in the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Victoria and had extensive political experience to share.

The astuteness and credibility Janice brought to her role as my mentor was significant. She continually scrutinised the political landscape and planned new tactics to meet the changing conditions. Janice showed that she valued my political disposition, one that was vastly different from traditional candidates who had come up through the ranks of the party. By continually reinforcing my (sometimes-wavering) belief that my gender, experiences and skills would make me a valuable member of the Labor team and a politician of substance, Janice empowered me to feel like a worthy candidate, someone who deserved to be there.

Janice was even more than a personal coach and confidante; practical help was in abundance. There were numerous day-to-day decisions I didn’t have to make as Janice ‘took care of things” leaving me time to concentrate on the business at hand.

The election result sadly reflected the state trends. Like any great mentor, however, she sowed the seed of the importance of supporting women to be politically active. Saying our goodbyes as she departed for Melbourne, Janice whispered the words ‘EMILY’s LIST ’. With my personal aspirations complete, I am committed to assisting others realise their political goals. I have become the South Australian EMILY’s List convenor to continue Janice’s work in getting women leaders into our parliaments.

When women support women, women win. If you are interested in getting involved in the EMILY’s List Mentoring Program please connect with Leonie Morgan AM, program founder and coordinator. E: [email protected] M: 0412 425 480



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