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What does it take to get elected?

You have the passion for greater good and want to be successful in politics. How do you make it happen?

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, EMILY's List hosted a panel discussion 'Women who run: what it takes to get elected'. Panelists Ged Kearney MP, Member for Cooper, Meghan Hopper, former Mayor of Moreland and Cindy O'Connor, former candidate for Brunswick discussed their personal experiences with the expert facilitation of Susie Byers, Victorian Labor President.

We know having progressive Labor women in our parliaments leads to real benefits for all women. The machinations of politics can seem overwhelming, where do you even start? The panelists shared their stories of entering the political sphere and the lessons learned.

Resilience is an essential skill for anyone thinking about entering politics. That ability to keep persisting despite the odds, to get up each day and start again knowing that no matter how well-crafted your message, some will never listen.


“There are some people that are never going to vote for you, and that’s okay.”

- Ged Kearney MP, Member for Cooper

Each of the panelists reinforced the importance of having strong support networks. If you don’t already have an established network, they recommend looking to family, friends, school or local communities, as the foundation members of your support team. These are the people who will be there for you during the high and lows of the campaign. EMILY’s List has resources to support candidates and your ALP branch network may also be able to provide support.

For most people there is never an ideal time to enter politics, and with the success of affirmative action almost achieving parity, we cannot afford to lose momentum. Don’t be a polite girl and wait your turn, get your squad together and just start running.


“It’s never going to be your time until you say it is”

- Meghan Hopper, former Mayor of Moreland



2020 is a huge year with NT, ACT and QLD state and territory elections coming up fast, is now your time?  Register for EMILY’s List professional development training helping candidates prepare.

Interested in supporting EMILY’s List candidates? Donating to endorsed progressive Labor women candidates early in their election campaigns provides them with the foundation on which to build their success. Donate to the Early Money Fund.



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