Impact Analysis Report Victoria 2014-2018

EMILY’s List Australia has released Impact Analysis research – the first of its kind in the world – which demonstrates what a critical mass of progressive Labor women working together for gender equality can achieve in parliament. Continue reading

The real reason liberal women say they don't have a problem

Jenna Price, The Sydney Morning Herald

Elect women, make impact and change political culture

A record number of women in the Andrews Labor Government has delivered unprecedented advancement for the equality for women in Victoria. As voters head to the polls, EMILY’s List Australia highlights the impact of made by large numbers of progressive women parliamentarians on public policy, legislation and cultural change. Continue reading

Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship Report 2018

EMILY's List Australia has released the Julia Gillard Next Generation Inaugural Internship Report. As part of the program, the first ever participant Elise Delpiano conducted research into best practice for increasing women's political participation and traveled to New Zealand to compare our political culture with theirs. Continue reading

Gillard to the Liberals: here's how you do gender equality

Jenna Price, The Sydney Morning Herald Continue reading

Bill Shorten under pressure to take on Labor Right 'boys club'

Eryk Bagshaw, The Sydney Morning Herald Continue reading

Next steps for Tampon Tax removal

EMILY’s List Australia welcomes yesterday’s announcement that a Shorten Labor government will remove the “tampon tax”, the unfair and discriminatory application of the Goods and Services Tax for luxury items to menstrual products which are necessary for health and hygiene. Continue reading