25 years of Achieving Choice For Women

25 years of Achieving Choice For Women evaluates the policy and advocacy achievements and impact of EMILY’s List Australia (ELA) over the last 25 years. It specifically looks at ELA’s impact on Choice. Continue reading

Why They 'March4Justice' Against Gendered Violence

Gendered violence has been a systemic issue across Australia for too long. Thousands of women, men and children attended rallies across Australia on Feb. 27 to protest gendered violence. March4Justice, the grassroots organisation behind the peaceful protests, said the mass showing of public support is bound to build upon existing pressure for politicians to “put an end to issues of sexism, misogyny, corruption and dangerous workplace cultures” throughout the country.   An extract from on the Global Citizen article on some of the powerful reasons Melburnians showed up to protest for equality. Continue reading

Coalition can't 'cherry pick' safety fixes

Labor women's group Emily's List wants to see the opposition commit to Ms Jenkins' proposals as soon as possible. "It's a shocking report, but it's unsurprising to everyone that I know," national co-convenor Leigh Svendsen told AAP.     Continue reading

Happy 25th Birthday: EMILY’s List Australia

The best thing about celebrating significant dates is the fun you have looking back at the memories and achievements created. Continue reading

Julia Gillard Next Generation Internship Report 2020-21

In her report The Missing Women of Australian Politics: How violence against women creates barriers to female representation, 2020/21 Julia Gillard Next Generation intern Medha Majumdar explores the negative impact of violence against women in pursuit of political careers at all stages of their involvement in the political process is revealed. Continue reading

MEDIA RELEASE: 2020-21 Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern Report

Violence against women is a barrier to women entering Australian Politics The recent revelations of sexual harassment and assault within Parliament House in Canberra has exposed political organisations as unsafe workplaces, where violence against women in politics is commonplace. The Julia Gillard Next Generation Intern report to be released today paints a bleak picture of treatment of women in politics in Australia. It shows how experiences of abuse negatively impact women from when they are girls first expressing their interest in politics, to when they become women in senior public office. This has significantly limited the progress of women’s political representation and leadership in Australia. Continue reading

Balancing the voice of power: Being heard and igniting change

The ACT EMILY's List Action Group hosted virtual event on July 24, with special guests from EMILY's List USA sharing their experiences and insights of getting women into office. Continue reading


There is bipartisan agreement that the closure of the $111 billion (6.4% of GDP) arts and culture sector during COVID, with its extensive cancellation of events and performances, had an unprecedented impact. The closures effected the livelihoods of not only the artists but the workers in hospitality, production and venue management that support the arts and culture industry. Upward of 190,000 jobs, most of them casual positions held by women,are estimated to be impacted because of the shutdown*. Continue reading