Balancing the voice of power: Being heard and igniting change

The ACT EMILY's List Action Group hosted virtual event on July 24, with special guests from EMILY's List USA sharing their experiences and insights of getting women into office. Continue reading


There is bipartisan agreement that the closure of the $111 billion (6.4% of GDP) arts and culture sector during COVID, with its extensive cancellation of events and performances, had an unprecedented impact. The closures effected the livelihoods of not only the artists but the workers in hospitality, production and venue management that support the arts and culture industry. Upward of 190,000 jobs, most of them casual positions held by women,are estimated to be impacted because of the shutdown*. Continue reading

Who is defining merit?

Recent reports that some in the Liberal party are finally considering the introduction of quotas has generated some discussion within EMILY’s List. Helen Creed was involved in negotiating the introduction of Affirmative Action (AA) Rules within both the ACTU and the ALP. She shares some reflections on the implementation. Continue reading

Cultural change takes time - our work is not done.

Paul Keating backed in the formation of EMILY's List Australia as Prime Minister. It was hard to dismiss the logic of Joan Kirner and the other women who identified the need to break the bias of a party selecting mostly men in winnable seats.  Continue reading

ELA Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

EMILY's List Australia Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Quotas – how affirmative action changed the Labor Party for the better

Parliaments are traditionally male bastions of power, but you would think that in all the years since women’s suffrage in Australia there would be greater change. The right for women to be elected to office was first achieved 137 years ago, but the current representation of women in the Federal Parliament is only 38%. Continue reading

The Liberals’ problem with women is simple: the men block their path

"The ALP has used the wildly successful Emily’s List since 1996 to inject political smarts into generations of Labor women and provide vital mentoring. The Liberals have nothing similar." Jon Faine Continue reading

WA election: Record number of women set to claim seat in Parliament following landslide

In case anyone needs a reminder of just how huge the WA Labor win was, here is a reminder.  A gender equal caucus. With all the talk of Federal Liberals no longer "wishing, hoping and praying for change" and considering quotas, here's the evidence that they work. Continue reading

EMILY's List Australia Constitution_2020

EMILY's List Australia Constitution - 2020

Women unite in anger to march on Parliament and across the nation

Women across Australia are saying #EnoughIsEnough We refuse to wait over 100 years to reach gender equality at the current rate of change. We demand our human right to live free from violence and discrimination.  Continue reading