Women of Steel

Denied jobs by the city’s main employer, working class and migrant AWU women refused discrimination.  The documentary, which received donations The Australian Workers’ Union, hundreds of other supporters and many other unions, follows their 14-year campaign as they went from the unemployment line to the factory gate and the High Court, as they challenged BHP, Australia’s richest company. Women of Steel, directed by now retired AWU member Robynne Murphy, captures the stories of an inspiring victory that defied all predictions. Continue reading

Quarantined roles - we’re not what’s expected

This year, 2020, was supposed to go a certain way. I was bringing a new life into the world for the second time and my partner decided he’d like to have the experience that most fathers miss out on and become primary carer for our baby. We didn’t really think about the reactions people would have to the flip in traditional gender roles. Continue reading

Kay Setches awarded AM

Kay Setches takes every opportunity to champion women and being awarded an AM in yesterdays Queen's Birthday Honours List is no exception. Continue reading

Be part of the change

Good policy for women comes when women's voices are heard. Continue reading

Women and Superannuation

The next instalment of EMILY's Journal, our new platform for long-form pieces by EMILY's List members is Sonja Terpstra MP's thoughts on women and superannuation written for IWD2020:   Continue reading

Health and well-being in uncertain times

First and foremost, we acknowledge all our members and supporters who are facing challenging times with the impact the current health crisis is having on you, your families, work places and communities. It is concerning and stressful, and a time when we all need to take care of ourselves and each other to the best of our abilities under the guidance of health professionals. Our focus at ELA is to ensure we are doing all we can to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and put the health and well-being of the community at the forefront of our planning.   Continue reading

We did it! Abortion in NSW decriminalised

Building on decades of work by pro-choice organisations, in September 2019 Penny Sharpe, MLC introduced the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 into the NSW Legislative Council successfully overturning the bill criminalising abortion. The bill was co-sponsored by EMILY's List MPs Trish Doyle, Jo Haylen and Jenny Aitchison with the leadership of Jodi Mckay. Continue reading

What does it take to get elected?

You have the passion for greater good and want to be successful in politics. How do you make it happen? Continue reading

Welcome to EMILY's Journal

We are proud to introduce our new initiative: EMILY's Journal. This will be a collection of long-form pieces of writing by EMILY's List Australia members about the issues we care about: equity, diversity, choice, equal pay, and early childhood education and care. Continue reading

International Women's Day auction

2020 is a huge year for EMILY's List Australia with NT, ACT and QLD state and territory elections coming up fast. We need women who support Choice, Equity, Diversity, Equal Pay and Early Childhood Education in our parliaments more than ever to fight for our rights. We'll be supporting dozens of pro-choice Labor women into parliament so it's crucial that we band together and give generously. To celebrate International Women's Day we've launched a nation-wide online auction of four exclusive items of feminist memorabilia and art. Continue reading