The Liberals’ problem with women is simple: the men block their path

"The ALP has used the wildly successful Emily’s List since 1996 to inject political smarts into generations of Labor women and provide vital mentoring. The Liberals have nothing similar." Jon Faine Continue reading

WA election: Record number of women set to claim seat in Parliament following landslide

In case anyone needs a reminder of just how huge the WA Labor win was, here is a reminder.  A gender equal caucus. With all the talk of Federal Liberals no longer "wishing, hoping and praying for change" and considering quotas, here's the evidence that they work. Continue reading

EMILY's List Australia Constitution_2020

EMILY's List Australia Constitution - 2020

Women unite in anger to march on Parliament and across the nation

Women across Australia are saying #EnoughIsEnough We refuse to wait over 100 years to reach gender equality at the current rate of change. We demand our human right to live free from violence and discrimination.  Continue reading

Aged care is one of the big feminist issues of our time

Meredith Burgmann has wrote this opinion piece on the day the Royal Commission into Aged Care was released. A farcical press conference was given at the same time as the public release of the report so journalist had no time to prepare. Scrutiny will come. Regulation and accountability will be key, but who in this Government can we trust to implement the recommendations? Continue reading

Parental leave: Women’s health hangs in the balance

Lucie O'Brien wrote an excellent piece in The Age on in different experiences of women how have children to care for compared to their male partners during the lockdowns. yes it does impact on their health, and unequal caring is a huge part of that equation. Parental leave needs addressing so care is shared equally. Continue reading

QELAG Celebration of 2020 Candidates

The QELAG celebrated the Queensland election win at Parliament House late last year, with Christmas drinks and a Celebration of their EMILY’s List Candidates. EMILY’s List members were joined by Queensland EMILY’s List MP’s, and other MP’s, including eight Ministers.    Continue reading

Mentoring with EMILY's List - a real experience

You don’t know what you don’t know and when it comes to getting active in politics, that unknown could be the difference in the success of your campaign. For almost 25 years, EMILY’s List endorsed candidates have been offered the opportunity to be matched with an experienced EMILY'S List mentor for advice and support during election campaign. In the 2018 South Australian election, Angela Vaughn stood for the seat of Colton and was mentored by former Victorian MP, Janice Munt. Angela shares her mentoring experience. Continue reading

Universal Kinder: Having a seat at the table has impact

At EMILY’s List we often talk about the impact of having women at the decision-making tables is a broader, more representative legislative program. In January 2020 the Victoria Government announced it was investing almost $5 billion over ten years, so that children across the state will have access to two years of funded kindergarten programs. Continue reading